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barry1010 | 16:19 Mon 01st Apr 2024 | Shopping & Style
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I have never looked at this company before but I've just opened their website and it opened on air fryers.  The very first one is a 4.5L air fryer by Homcom  (who?) with a big 'sold out' sticker across the front and 5 star reviews.   It is much dearer than there other air fryers at £250.  It is in stock at Amazon for £46.

Is this some sort of marketing trickery to suggest their stocck of air fryers are super cheap?  Is it a reliable company?  

I'm not buying an air fryer, I'm looking for something else



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I buy from Wayfair a lot and have bought everything from glasses to console tables. The one time I had an issue they accepted return and refund was very quick 

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Thanks, Helen.  This is the page I opened;eid=374214&_emr=f1738ba8-5bc8-4f23-9709-270d10ea26b9&wfcs=cs4&dcrectxid=2e65bf93-9fb4-42ec-9ce9-be5ef5dabc5f&_eml=6d6523b3-7fc2-4ca8-9d5c-ed762d3e3739&source=batch&batchid=10&varid=2&csnid=a8c668ff-0b3b-4158-8935-1788c1c411d6&brcid=2&layouttemplaterectxid=5055f80a-0ca9-49b1-8a15-c8d5ffa8ff29&event_rec_txid=98d14f5a-252b-472c-b7cf-5caab695a18b&sm=1&refid=MKTEML_88633&emlid=102&maiid=5190

I suspect it's an error as when you filter the rest by that make they are all less than £60.


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I have bought items from Wayfair and have had no problems - I find them a good company to deal with.

I got a Cat doormat from my brother for my 60th birthday.  It was from Wayfair and it is of good quality.

Some stores put sill prices on items if they are out of stock.  Saves them having to relist the item?!  Or that was what I was told when querying a cat scratch pole for £1000.



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