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Man bags

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david51058 | 10:23 Fri 15th Apr 2011 | Fashion
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What do you think about man bags? i know they are very practical but don't you think they look slightly effeminate? Am I correct in thinking they are mostly used by gay men or is that a misconception?


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Worn by an Italian man in Italy - cool.

Worn here - gay.

worn by an Italian man in Italy Yuck
They're fine.

I don't think I'd want the BF to carry on ... but they're fine.
Man bag as in handbag? Sorry, not my cup of tea but laptop bag is ok
When I was younger many men, including me, carried briefcases to lug around their paraphernalia.
I use an Aldi carrier bag
Class, Mick, pure class lol
shows you are a wise and canny shopper, MT!
No No No No No

think socks and sandels
It's a differnt world these days. I recall when scent and handbags were exclusively female items. Not to mention eye shadow. Not that there is any reason why that should be so, but it was.

Still, I've been known to use a bumbag myself. Maybe I'm on the turn ?
Yeah socks and sandals are cool. And they annoy the flock.
There are different types of briefcases which are listed below. You can check best leather briefcases for men to get an idea about all those types. I don't agree with the fact that briefcases are carried only by gay men nowadays. Infact, most of the businessmen tend to use briefcases of various types as per their needs.

Types of briefcases:
1. Padfolio: This is the smallest type of briefcases that are considered optimum to be carried for a business meeting.
2. Portfolio: These briefcases are similar to the previous one but differs slightly in size and handle.
3. Messenger bags: These are the casual types of briefcases that add value to the personality of a businessman.
4. Attaches: These are the briefcases that are huge in size and was used by our ancestors.
5. Rolling briefcases: This is a type of briefcase that is appropriate for the businessmen who need to travel frequently for official purposes.
For more details, visit

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Man bags

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