What is the star ?

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shero101 | 18:35 Wed 24th Jan 2007 | Science
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Hi, what is the name of the star (planet?) that is very bright in the southwest sky at dusk. It is the first star to appear in the sky when it starts to get dark. TIA


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Venus, it can also be seen in the morning.
I should have said that although it's a planet it is also known as the Evening Star and the Morning Star.

See here orn.html
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Thanks mjd for your answers and the link.
Just to point out that it cannot be seen in both the evening and in the morning at the same time.

For part of the year it rises before the sun and is the Morning Star. When it is at the other side of its orbit it sets after the sun and becomes the Evening Star.
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And there's me thinking that the Evening Star was a newspaper :-) .

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What is the star ?

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