MM Links Solutions April 2010 [Week 1]

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crofter | 19:02 Sun 04th Apr 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Well, Lady Jan got off to a solid start ~ marking the passage of Time with chosen links:


I thought that these links started off quite mild, but then had a sting in the tail! The use an apostrophe in “Woman’s Hour” was a “first” for MM Links ~ and I felt that it would never be correctly predicted. However, I was proved wrong!



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The initial link of CALENDAR MONTH proved a popular banker and was the first to fall with beejay picking it off for TWO POINTS. Three entrants later came ulysses with both DAY BREAK and Calendar Month for FOUR POINTS (well done). There came a string of Calendar Months bringing Two Points to Grenmus, slaney, Aquagility and deecee.

There was still time for paulineward and patchett to repeat the double whammy of ulysses for Four Points each. In the meantime in came Strix with SECOND NATURE together with Calendar Month for yet another FOUR POINTS. This was the fourth and final joint leader and together they must share the title of HOT SHOTS OF THE WEEK.
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The last in line for double points from these hits was centrino, before the cut-off point came and hits became worth only one point. These single points went to barb7771, teacher1, kawakiri, wickedtongue, Magyar, jobjockey and joto.

With WOMAN’S HOUR still available, we had to wait for Entrant #29 in the form of mirandasmum to prove that there was one MM Linker who was completely in tune with Lady Jan!

I am still working on the League Table!
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I have just double-checked for late comers and have noted newby dd470 ~ together with boxtops, we bid you welcome to the crazy world of MM Linkers! I also note that the penultimate entry was by casslass (who picks up One Point) and last (but not least) was Dinkypuzzled, who finished with a flourish for Two Points.

The League Table after this first week is:

FOUR POINTS: paulineward, patchett, Strix & ulysses
TWO POINTS: Aquagility, beejay, centrino, deecee, Dinkypuzzled, Grenmus, slaney & Strix
ONE POINT: barb7771, casslass, jobjockey, joto, kawakiri, Magyar, teacher1 & wickedtongue

I think I must be a little rusty after my break ~ else the Sacred Abacus has rusted solid.

For now, this is crofter signing off!
See you all next week: Same time ~ Same place

Until then: HAPPY LINKING!

thanks crofter
will have to make next weeks harder
think dd470 has been with us a long time
if not glad you could join us dave
and got some points out of it!
well done all the point scorers
told you you would sus it pauline
crofter, I think your scoreboard might need adjusting! I seem to feature twice on the list!

But thank you for the use of the rusty abacus and welcome back.
Thanks Jan and crofter, and well done to all scorers. As for me, the only way is up.... but at least I can try next week with a chocolate biscuit in my hand!
Zero for me.....well, I'm used to it now!

Thanks to Jan and crofter and congrats to hot shots and points scorers
Lucky guess for me but no points have been awarded !!! Unlucky !

But many thanks to Jan and Crofter x
Thanks Jan and Crofter....Well straight to the top with the others this week. Wonder how long it will last!
Hope you enjoyed your chocolate tearinghair...was thinking of you today. I did post a message for you, but it seems to have disappeared!
That was a nice thought, Pauline, thank you! I've just looked back, but I can't see the message.
You'll be glad to know that I confined myself to two choc hobnobs with my morning coffee and two Thornton's chocolates from an Easter egg.
I'll bet you enjoyed them tearinghair. I posted to ask if you had had any chocolate, and how was it? Did it taste good. The message went on, and then disappeared! Never mind...glad you enjoyed some today. :-)
Odd - I wonder why it disappeared?
well, Dusty is obviously heading for a Free Fall month but well done to all you scorers (you're obviously feeling a lot better Pauline!). Thanks to Lady Jan and crofter. I think Strix's second appearance on the League Table should be spelled
Thanks Jan and Crofter.Four points!!I can hardly believe it.I'm sure it won't last,we'll see next week.Rubbish on the KM link just the one.Never thought I'd be up alongside you Pauline.Hope all is well with you now.Joan
It's not like me to be like 'the coo's tail' - but I was holidaying in Sardinia. Hopefully 'Olbia' little earlier next week !
I am a lot better now thanks Dustybun and Patchett. x

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MM Links Solutions April 2010 [Week 1]

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