MM Links Solutions April 2010 [Week 3]

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crofter | 18:59 Sun 18th Apr 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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For this third week, “Lady Jan” chose her link words under the banner “Ich Dien” as the following:

PERSONAL Assistant
Super BOWL
STOCK Market

Once again, Lady Jan stuck true her theme.



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Very early entrants were left virtually pointless with only gen2 and centrino picking up TWO POINTS each for SUPER BOWL out of the first dozen entrants. Thereafter, came a string of stars with miss meg backing Super Bowl on the STOCK MARKET for FOUR POINTS and closely followed by repeat performances by beejay and (the not-to-be-eclipsed) paulineward ~ each picking up Four Points!

Entrant #19 was mirandasmum with the new SALES FORCE (and Stock Market) to be the fourth person to score FOUR POINTS. With only PERSONAL ASSISTANT left to predict, we had just a few minutes to wait before Elspeth found this last remaining link word!

Of the remaining players, I must pick out ChrisHewat (not Shazza) for his double whammy. However, the star of the round was Aquagility with no fewer than three hits (scoring Three Points). Accordingly, he qualifies as HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The crowds go wild and yell “Encore” ***

The scores are presently being totalled.
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The League Table after this third week is:

NINE POINTS: paulineward
EIGHT POINTS: beejay1124
SEVEN POINTS: Aquagility
SIX POINTS: centrino & mirandasmum
FOUR POINTS: Dinkypuzzled, Grenmus, miss meg, lysander, patchett, slaney & ulysses
THREE POINTS: Magyar & teacher1

The Table above reads like a “Who’s Who” of the Links games and the field is starting to thin out! Next week will mark the last round of this April Contest. Hence, we look forward to seeing who will emerge as the MM Links Setter throughout the Merry Month of May.

For now, this is crofter signing off!
See you all next week: Same time ~ Same place

Until then: HAPPY LINKING!

thanks crofter, well done AQ and Pauline
we must be on a level somewhere!!!!!
Thanks Jan and crofter, and as usual well done to all scorers.
Thanks jan and crofter, pleased with my points!! Well done Aquagility, see you all next week.
Well done Aquagility. Jan great minds must think alike!
Whoops...meant to say thanks Crofter also.
Nice little set, Jan. Keep it up! Ta too to Crofter - it's ages since I last saw the honours board.
And Pauline, you're only wearing that silly grin because I didn't get home to my laptop until mid-morning on Saturday, after a gruelling tussle with the North Sea. Ugh!
Wow. Four points is a new PB for me, and thats only because I was at home at 9am (instead of in my spinning class) trying to find a seat on Euro Star for my husband !!!!

Many thanks J and C.
Rubbish again this week. Hey ho, things could be worse... I could be trying to get a plane home for example!

Well done to ChrisHewat and all the rest of the points scorers.
Thanks to Jan and crofter.

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MM Links Solutions April 2010 [Week 3]

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