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kev0072 | 19:08 Sun 04th Apr 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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i need help please.
3d a ward p?o????
13a neutral d?s?n???e?t?d
16a too opposed to change d?e? i? the ?o?l
22d one carrying on trade p?i?r
many thanks


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13a Disinterested
16a Dyed in the wool
3d Protege
13a Disinterested
16a Dyed-in-the-wool
22d Plier
and good evening to you, your Maj!
Good evening m'lady! I hope you're well? :-))

Apologies to kev...
In the pink, Your Maj and full of chocolate.
Hope you too are well, full of chocolate and having a Happy Easter.
Thanks, I'm well - unfortunately, had no choccy! :-((
Perhaps you will make up for it later with something more of an alcoholic nature ?

Very glad you're well, though. No doubt see you around and about.

(Apologies , kev0072)
Ah, now then... Erm, actually, well... The bar's been open for a while now!

Cheers & Happy Easter to you & yours - to kev also

Be well :-)

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