MM Links Solutions April 2010 [Week 2]

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crofter | 19:03 Sun 11th Apr 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I am running a little late today, so I’ll have to do this piecemeal. Starting with her chosen links, Lady Jan dwelt on “Travel” and went with the following:

SHOW Boat (or Boat SHOW)
Cycle PATH

I thought that these links looked reasonably straightforward, but how did the predictions go?



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Oooo! It's like hunting for Easter Eggs!! :0)
. . . but with less success Dustbun.

Thanks for nothing Jan - but for someone who is in tune with Strix, i shouldn't be suprised.

Thank you too Crofter.
Question Author
Early entrants were queuing up to board the EXPRESS TRAIN ~ starting with teacher1, and closely followed by Grenmus, Aquagility, slaney, Dinkypuzzled, Dustybun and centrino. Each of these passengers picked up TWO POINTS to start the scoreboard ticking over.

In the midst of these came lysander with the self same Express Train, but she arrived down the CYCLE PATH to pick up FOUR POINTS. She therefore qualifies as HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The crowds go wild and yell “Encore” ***
Question Author
Those sharing a Cycle Path with Lysander was Christiana (Two Points) and (a little too late) were beejay and Strix (One Point each). Whilst the scorer is sorry to hear of Strix’ predicament with untimely phone calls, “predictus interruptus” gives no grounds for bending the rules!

Well before this dilemma, grannydi was Entrant #9 and drove into the CAR PARK for a tidy TWO POINTS. So with three links spotted, there was a slow but steady stream of single hits. However I must give honourable mention to Jim and ChrisHewet who each made double hits for well deserved Two Points.

With the game coming to a close, it took the mighty twix123 the safely bring the elusive SHOW BOAT into harbour for TWO POINTS. As the curtain fell, paulineward sneaked a point before the charismatic regward eclipsed his wife (not an easy task) by striking two hits for Two Points.

The League Table after this second week will follow eventually!
must admit some of the answers (especialy kettledrums) were better than I had thought of
sorry all who didn't get any points
well done those who did
thanks crofter
Crofter I have to be totally honest because you have credited me with two hits when they were in fact my dear Shazza's. She will never speak to me again if I did not ask you for a correction!!!!!! Oh how I wish I had thought of an Express Path! Til next week then.
Thanks Crofter and Jan...I am never eclipsed Crofter! I just let him think he has done better than me now and again... Keep his spirits up!
Question Author
The League Table after this second week is:

FIVE POINTS: paulineward & Strix
FOUR POINTS: Aquagility, beejay, centrino, Grenmus, lysander, patchett, slaney & ulysses
THREE POINTS: teacher1
TWO POINTS: Christiana, deecee131, Dinkypuzzled, Dustybun, grannydi, Jim, Magyar, mirandasmum, regward, SHAZZA & twix123

I think you must agree that it looks like a fairly open contest with everything to play for.

I apologise for the delay this week. I have spent most of today gardening and was engrossed with getting in touch with Mother Nature! I completely lost track of time.

For now, this is crofter signing off (at last)!
See you all next week: Same time ~ Same place

Until then: HAPPY LINKING!


PS Chris ~ The scoreboard correctly credits Shazza with the Two Points!
Thanks jan and crofter, my guesses were appalling.
Well done to all who scored, see you next week.
Ooh dear, still not troubling crofter's trusty abacus! Never mind, there's still time this month to do a Portsmouth. Well done to all scorers, and thanks Jan and crofter.
Well just look at that!
The Owl and the Man-Eating Pussy Cat hand-in-hand together
What a pretty picture !!
Many thanks for the trumpets and canon and welcome back. Regards LYSANDER
Thanks, Jan, and Crofter too.
Well done, Pauline and Strix - but just warch your backs next week!
Oooohhh...just watch it Strix! While we are joined at the hip I can keep a beady eye on you! I can't believe I was nowhere near on yours.
Thank goodness for the express train! Thank you Lady Jan and Lord Crofter and well done to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on top of the table!!! :0)
Well, I wuz rubbish.

Well done Hotshots and points scorers.
Thanks to Jan and crofter.
Better luck next week. :-))

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MM Links Solutions April 2010 [Week 2]

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