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galasalmon | 18:41 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Help please this is for a friend .

32/ For those with a chequered background
51/ It just keeps cutting out
58/ It’s won in reverse .
46/ I play in Italy and it can be loud .
Thank. You.


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Is there a theme?
Question Author
There is a list of the answers not in any order at the end of the quiz and you would really have to have the quiz to understand it . I have it and have given up but my friend has only these to get . Thanks for trying to help. It is to be in 12th January.
32 Draughts
46 Replace the word 'Italy' with 'Latin'
I have sent mine in and can't remember the answers except for 46 ...ludo.
32 Draughts

Can't remember 51
51 Jigsaw.

Just remembered.
Just looked at the list of answers and remembered - Jigsaw
58 backgammon?
I put backgammon for Its Mah
58 Tug of War
Question Author
Thank you everyone.

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Hammondproperty Services Quiz

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