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linda88 | 15:55 Sun 09th Sep 2018 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Actor born 1913 ,who made his professional debut in the Ghost Train


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Linden Travers was born in 1913 and appeared in the Ghost Train film in 1941 but it wasn't his first
if you meam 1931 ...frank Williams made his debut in ghost train
look at... frank Williams dads army fandom powered by wiki ,sorry I can't do links
He (the actor) is better known for appearing in Ice Cold in Alex, Lawrence of Arabia and The Guns of Navarone.
Linden Travers was not born in Ainsdale. Anthony Quale was. Both in 1913. But try as I can I cannot link Quale with The Ghost train.
Is Ainsdale mentioned in the question?
Linden Travers was a British actress:-
The quiz is:-

The clue:- "Leaving the city, I stop at a canal on its northern edge (completed in 1816; 127 miles long). Then I head 12 miles north-northwest to the town on the outskirts of which an actor (professional debut: The Ghost Train) was born in 1913. Here, having made short work of cod and chips, I stroll along the pier. Opened in 1860, it’s one of the longest in Britain and is known for its tramway."

Ah, it's that puzzle - not my territory then.
Anthony Quayle's Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry says that his first professional appearance, unpaid, was in The Ghost Train. The online article is here:
For some strange reason the link occasionally shows the full content, even without signing in. If you aren't able to see it the first paragraph states:
"Quayle, Sir (John) Anthony (1913–1989), actor and theatre director, was born on 7 September 1913 at 2 Delamere Road, Ainsdale, Southport, Lancashire, the only child of Arthur Quayle, solicitor, and his wife, Esther Kate Overton. The Quayle family had Manx roots. During a rather lonely youth Anthony's interest in the theatre was encouraged by his lively and imaginative mother. He was educated at Rugby School and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, where he stayed only a year. His first appearance on the professional stage, unpaid, was in The Ghost Train at the Q Theatre while on holiday from RADA. He began his career in earnest playing both Richard Coeur de Lion and Will Scarlett in Robin Hood at the same theatre in 1931."

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