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PenWise | 10:41 Fri 30th Dec 2016 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Help please with answers for a local quiz,only a few days before it has to be sent.

1 Exclamation of joy in christmas carols 4
2 Old jokes 9
3 Hand it over - now 7
4 Frangible aid for the infirm 5/4
5 Two-lobed fruit in spheroidal case 6
6 First signs of growth 7
7 Inconsequential thing 6
8 A soft round hat 4/3
9 Is she having an MOT? 5/7

Thanks for any help given


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4 Candy cane
6 Sprouts
7 Trifle
2 crackers
5. Walnut
3 Present
8 Flat cap, can't see a Christmas connection.
8. Pork pie?
2 chestnuts
-- answer removed --
8 Pork pie
Question Author
Thanks very much for all the answers given, stuck now on no. 1

Have partly answered these ones, or have I?? but wondered if you could help

Is she having an MOT? 5/7 (Carol ?)

Pale Festival 5/9 (Light ?)

Adds salt and pepper to a greeting 7/9 (Seasons ?) I want to put Seasons Greetings but now sure if that would be right with the word season already in the question.

Pale - White Christmas
Carol service
1. Noel
Question Author
Oops i have made a very silly mistake in my last ramble!!!

I should have put with the word GREETING already in the question.

Heyho well its that time of year!!

I'd go with greetings (twice :))
I can't find anything else so I'd go with seasons greetings
Although, if the clue reads 'a greeting' should the answer be singular?
Question Author
Yes i think it must be GREETINGS.

Thanks very much for all answers, they seem so obvious once you know them!!

Happy new year to you all, and i will be back with more questions in January.
Happy New Year, PenWise :)

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All Things Christmas,

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