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Amber-Sum | 21:44 Fri 27th Nov 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Eaten in Hawes or as far off as Whitby two words 9,7
made with chilled wine, cream and egg whites 8

16. The ex-speaker has been out in the sun 5,5
does the custard go underneath this. 6-4, 7
triumph of a Dutchman with fancy trousers.13,5
chopped inn half by monkeys 6,5
a white food in France 10 letters
Scottish animal made by Cadbury's 9,6
Heatwave in Fairbanks 5,6
All are puddings)

Thanks again


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7 Blancmange

Please number your questions in future, ta
1 Yorkshire Pudding
9 Baked Alaska
banana split
2 Tiramasu
scottish animal = chocolate mousse
16 Brown Betty
3 upside down pudding?
triump - knickerbocker glory
16 black betty ?
4 Upside-down pudding
upside down pudding.
Where is the quiz from please Amber-Sun and when is the closing date?

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Christmas Quiz

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