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St Andrews Church Creatures Quiz 19/6

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poodledoo | 12:22 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Quizzes & Puzzles
30 Answers

Answers are expressions that contain the name of an animal, bird or insect.4)Cosy Christmas menu favourite(3 words)

7)Make a mess of something(3 words)

21)Kid acting daft ? (4 words)

29)Runs round in circles (3 words)

32)Appearance that conceals harmful intent (5 words)



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4 is Pigs in blankets.

32 wolf in sheep's clothing

32. A wolf in sheep's clothing?

A wolf in sheep's clothing^^^

7 a pigs ear

29. Wild goose chase?


21 act like a goat?

Question Author

thank you both. just one problem, I've also got a pigs ear for Q34 Something ugly that cannot be made into somethingbeautiful (3)(you cannot make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.Any help please?

Shouldn't that be : you cannot make a silk purse out of a SOW'S ear

7 cock it up ?


7 A dogs dinner

Question Author

thank you again.

Some good answers there,but how about "a headless chicken" for No.29.

Has anyone got any ideas for No. 37. A very difficult problem to solve. 9 words.


37 There's more than one  way to skin a cat?

I am really struggling with this quiz. Can anyone help with No.26 Untrustworthy person (5 words). No.33 Do something unexpected, leaves people worried (6 words). No.40 Arrogant or condescending (4 words). No.44 Thinking you look 'cool' (3 words). No.5 Very astute (4 words).  Thank you. 


26 a sheep in wolf's clothing 

Sly as a fox?

Sorry.... wise old owl?

Take the bull by the horns?

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St Andrews Church Creatures Quiz 19/6

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