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ABSpareEditor | 12:01 Tue 25th Aug 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi all,
A few things to take note of please regarding charity quizzes:

Sometimes users ask for help on charity quizzes, but then get told off by other members for asking questions, and anyone who has helped them also gets scolded for giving away the answers. The AnswerBank is a questions and answers site, and as such we do not want to deter people from doing what the site is designed for. Therefore we do not remove questions, but we do remove posts in which users tell off other users for asking questions, because we want to keep the site amicable and make everyone feel welcome.

Sometimes users who answer the questions do not realise the question is part of a charity quiz. Therefore, we would like users who do ask for help for a charity quiz, to put the name of the quiz and its end date in the title so that people can then decide whether or not they would like to answer it.

Thank you!


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Thank you AB SpareEditor. I agree with what you say. I always put the name of the Charity and the closing date and sometimes get told off. Sometimes I ask early sometimes at the last moment . I also set quizzes and advertise them on the A/B and do not mind when the questions are answered since it is for a charity anyway. In the event of me winning another quiz, I always donate it to my own charity and not the money it for my benefit.
Some quiz setters do give a 'do not ask before' date, and most quizzers do obey this rule. Some prefer quizzers not to ask for help at all and state this on the quiz sheet. Other setters do not make any such requests or give any dates other than the closing date.
Useful addition Spare,thanks.
Spare Ed - wouldn't it be better to "stick" this at the top of the Q&P section, as it seems rather "lost" here and I don't think it will be seen by the people that need to see it?
-- answer removed --
Let's hope that if someone forgets there are enough quizzers happy to add the missing details.

A few quizzes may not be known to anyone but the OP of course.
I fail to see what difference it makes in answering a quiz question whether it has a Charity Quiz heading or not. It would seem that I must be missing a point as to me a question is a question regardless of its origin. Are you saying that Charity Quiz questions should not be answered, to ensure fairness, and if so, they should be removed immediately.
An example of the point I was making is the Ramsay Methodist Church Quiz posed at 12.10 today. Should this have been responded to or not. To me it is simply another question.
Maybe the message isn't too clear Dave.

Clarity is all that is required-

Title,Charity,Closing date and any special instructions from the setter.

That way those who wish to answer can do so.

Imagine you have spent many hours setting a quiz and begin to distribute it, only to see a huge swathe of it answered the next day - sales fall because some people see it as a spoilt quiz.

Nothing wrong with asking a couple after you have spent a good long time studying the sheet yourself or asking the last sticky couple as closing day looms.
Sorry Dave crossed over there - re Ramsey,that is most likely a quiz picked up at a Coffee morning or the back of church and I have not seen it advertised anywhere else.

Answer anything you wish, there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone doing that.
Mamya - Yes I can certainly see the point of view of the compiler of the quiz, but very few, if any, of the Charity Quiz questions which I have responded to have had no date shown. It would seem that some posers' are just to disregarding the rules, and their posting should not be published unless it complies with the rules of AB.
I think everyone is hoping that this new advice is adhered to Dave to give everyone all the details they need, but of course people are people and yes they may disregard.

Quiz zealots (like me?) may gently add the details they omit as long done politely.

Yesterday was a case in point, I added the details of a quiz to a question and a few more have downloaded it.
Could I just add to this by saying when a quiz is advertised on here it states whether or not questions may be asked on this site because I have sent for several which when received clearly state "no asking on internet sites" and this gives me the option of sending for the quiz or not.
Available by email from
Sorry should have attached it to my original post
charity quiz answer is Birds, closing date 14th Oct, £1-00.
Is that a new quiz, auntymary?
yes it is a new quiz closing date 14th oct
Auntymary might be better to post this quiz on the monthly puzzles round-up along with a few more details
What is the difference asking help on AB to asking family and friends.
Also sometimes when people have asked a question I have thought that quiz looks good then sent for it.

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