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jessiedog | 17:21 Wed 21st Mar 2007 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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In case this has already been mentioned, apologies. I think it would be a good idea if there was a sub-section on quizzes & puzzles where new charity quizzes could be advertised. No answers, just addresses and cost. I like doing these but almost always miss them as it takes so long to troll through all of the pages in the hope of finding the posts. This is not for any commercial quiz, only those like Macmillan Cancer Support etc. as I am sure that most of us would enjoy doing them if only we knew of them. Incidentally, anyone still reading who has any details of current charity quizzes they would like to post on this thread, I would be pleased to hear from you. ���� waiting to be sent out as I write !


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There is one further down posted by Smurff it is lincs and notts air ambulance quiz all about castles apparently. No more info than that.
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Yeah quizbabe, I noticed that and it inspired my question as there is no address as yet. What do you think to the idea of a sub-section ?
Good idea and to start the ball rolling can we suggest our new 'Children of Fiji' . They are just �1 each plus a sae from
Children of Fiji
1 South Drive
Dorset DT2 0JG

The theme of the quiz is types of aniimal with 100 cryptic and factual clues. The closing date is April 28th
All proceeds to help disadvantaged children in Fiji Please check our website (where you could pay �1.32 on line and just email us your address to

Warning: It is a tough quiz - are you up to the challenge. Remember you don't have to get full marks to win, just more marks than anyone else!!
Why not put your suggestion to the Edito on AB Suggestions.
Wish I knew how to spell Editor ?
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Thanks Dynamicduo - you will hear from me soon I am sure.

Teacher 1 - shame on you, write it out 100 times lol
Hi jessiedog

I think a sub-section would be a great idea. It would save all the hunting through postings to find them.
A while ago I would have said there was no need. Most post under 'New Quiz Available' which I entered into search the site and up they would pop, the most recent first. This doesn't seem to happen now for some unknown reason. I had to go through about 20 yesterday to get the ones I had missed !!
Good idea jessiedog
Latest Cransley Hospice one still available ...mixed clues ... answers will be a tree (no pictures this time ! )
L Wright 66 Severn Way Kettering Northants NN16 9HN. �1 or cheque payable to L Wright
Closing Date 4th May xx
I think this is a fab idea, Its quite time consuming to find the threads where the quizzes are advertised and I have missed a few. If we all suggest it to the editor maybe they will agree...
Great idea! My True Colours Quiz is still available. The answers to all 40 clues contain a colour. If you would like a copy please send �1 (cheque made payable to Friends of Luttons School) and a SAE to The Quizmistress, Friends of Luttons School, Luttons CP School, West Lutton, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 8TF
FOLS is a Registered Charity No. 1107999
Closing date for entries Friday 26th October 2007
1st Prize �10 2nd Prize �5
Thank You for your support

Hi, yes agree with everyone else. My quiz in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support still has plenty of time left before the closing date of 26th May 2007.
Fully Booked is 100 questions, a mix of general knowledge, anagrams and cryptic clues. All the answers are well known book titles.
3 Cash prizes to be won - �40, �20, �10.
For a copy please send �1 + SAE to
Liz Hardy
55 Green Leys
St IVes
Cambs PE27 6SB
(Cheques/po's payable to Macmillan Cancer Support) Thank you
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Thanks all for replying - I am going to put this in AB suggestions.

Thanks also for the quizzes mentioned, you will be hearing from me soon.

Good Luck all.
hi I think this is a great idea,as like everyone else i seem to miss most of the quizzes, and i know of a lot of people who love doing them,
sorry forgot to add quiz in aid of demelza cost �1 closing date 30th april
Tricia Gambell
damelza house,
Rook lane,
Kent ME9 8DZ

its called a grocers mistake its all anagrams of groceries
sorry again im not thinking straight today.
if you get on this persons mailing list he will send his quizzes out to you automatically and he does a lot for his local charitys.
John D Hopkins
Spark Hayes
58, Fleet Road
PE12 8LA
he has 2 on the go at the moment , all general knowledge
both �1 each on in by may 10th the otheraugust 1st
hope that helps
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Thanks for the above smurff - there is a petition going over on AB Suggestions if you haven't already seen it. Erthakitten beat me to it so please add your name.

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