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ABSpareEditor | 12:01 Tue 25th Aug 2015 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi all,
A few things to take note of please regarding charity quizzes:

Sometimes users ask for help on charity quizzes, but then get told off by other members for asking questions, and anyone who has helped them also gets scolded for giving away the answers. The AnswerBank is a questions and answers site, and as such we do not want to deter people from doing what the site is designed for. Therefore we do not remove questions, but we do remove posts in which users tell off other users for asking questions, because we want to keep the site amicable and make everyone feel welcome.

Sometimes users who answer the questions do not realise the question is part of a charity quiz. Therefore, we would like users who do ask for help for a charity quiz, to put the name of the quiz and its end date in the title so that people can then decide whether or not they would like to answer it.

Thank you!


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Quite agree 170748, to many rules.
Point well made, that is why posters are being encouraged to post the full details so you can do exactly that.

Regarding asking family,I doubt whether you have thousands of eavesdroppers when you do that.
" Therefore we would like..." doesn't sound draconian or very much like a rule but a brilliant suggestion.
I have been the 'victim' of replies on here telling me off for asking questions. Some quizzes do ask for 'no asking' until a certain date and I always respect those, but some others ask for no questions on these type of sites at all. I have been really stumped a couple of times and have waited until only a few days before the quiz has to be in, which cannot possibly damage sales and have still been 'told off'. I have chosen not to do this type of quiz any more but will still do charity quizzes and also use this site.
Question Author
Just to clarify, any posts in which people "tell off" other users for not providing information, will be removed. There's no need to badger each other or worry about whether people are adding the dates in or not (though if you do know the dates and they haven't been included, feel free to help out by mentioning them). It's just a helpful thing people can do to help others decide if they want to answer a question or not. Please leave the policing of the forums to the mods and the gnomes!
Well said. Now that's all sorted Out. Thank you.
Granny Grump - I tried the e-mail address you gave for a quiz and it came backundelivered?? ( Can you help please?
I did the heading wrong before (spelt Charlie as Charlue!!, so probably no-one saw my request, as only Kettledrum helped!

I'm now just struggling on one question so any suggestions will be gratefully received. I don't need the answer - just point me in the right direction please!
The answer contains Charles in any form

20. Was he paid for his work?
Re your above post^^
Questions are best in the main topic - this thread is discussing new guidelines etc.
Yes sorry Mamyalynne, I headed my first question incorrectly and when I re-did it, I thought I had started a new link. Thanx though. I didn't realise it was still on this page (slapped wrist!!) lol
Not slapped at all,just pointing you in the right direction.

Hope the right email address gets you the quiz too.
Thank goodness, this is a friendly site. I sometimes wonder!! I only ask when I have exhausted all other options. For the person who said try Google, I was astounded to think they hadn't realised I had already done that. I write quiz sheets myself for charity, people asking for answers doesn't seem to make a difference to my sales. I often return winnings or donate to my own charity. I don;t do the quizzes for the winnings.
I think anyone advertising a quiz on here should make it clear that they are requesting clues only, no asking till a certain date or no asking on the internet in the listing. Quite a few don't do that so people have then paid before they are aware of that. I also do not feel we should be removed if we point out what the quiz setter has requested if we say that politely. Usually this is greeted with being accused of being the quiz police. It is after all just another detail of the quiz like giving the closing date and the details of how to get the quiz if it isn't on the round up.
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Sorry I lost my internet connection as I hit answer now then for someone reason I am there twice. For once happy to be removed lol
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