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Matakari | 17:38 Fri 05th Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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Going to put this one to rest now! I’ve got the theme
all sorted out, quite interesting! Just three clues left,
one of which is a confirmation. Thanks again for seeing
me through!

Confirmation for this one:
36(A) Bird out of place above (4) : O?ER ( OVER ) ?

33(A) Lake surrounding singular wood (5) : B?AS?

1(D) Very large horse nibbled plant (5) : Y?H?C

( Originally I got OSHAC which looked perfect, but then a theme letter cancelled that out, except we are looking at an archaic word?)


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Plover, pl, from place
33 Balsa, wood, Bala,lake, with Singular, inside.
Oshac works, you perhaps have the theme word wrong.
'Seeing you through' is ... nicely euphemistic!

Oshac looks perfect.
Question Author
Thanks, Paigntonian, Patsy33 and NACW! I went astray with one of the thematics which I rectified and it's all done now! Have a safe and peaceful weekend!
Glad you got it sorted, Matakari. Maybe next week we'll all be superfluous!

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Spectator # 2496

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