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Matakari | 10:07 Fri 05th Mar 2021 | Crosswords
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Good morning,
A request for help/hints/answers for the following, thanks!

8(A) Dauntless bishop stops teen dude dressing up (10): ??????R?E?
22(A) Course provided at college (4): S???
26(A) Theatric Nobelist stays quiet to do dramatic pause (8): ?????A?T

3(D) Nasty nut tear gas quells (6) : ??N?C?
4(D) Gate to 10 Lambeth Walk? (10) : ??T??DA???


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8a anagram of rr teen dude
22 soup ??
Up is at uni
22a so up
And Provided is SO??
3d 2 letter nut inside 4 letter tear gas
4d gate is the defn ( like agte at a football match not garden gate)
3d m(en)ace
Question Author
Many thanks, I think the theme is in sight...interesting quest
now, though I have not yet got all my clued answers.
Matakari, post another batch if you continue to struggle.
Question Author
Ok, this should do it...Thanks for any guidance!

14(A) One cycling copper heads for Italian city (5): ?U?E? ( BUTEO )?
32(A) Cobblers like more than one round (5) : ???A?

28(D) Authoress in with Shaw (6):?S?LO?
18(D) Extraordinary linesman eats ordinary fruit (9): ?I?N?????
18 Anagram of Linesman with the usual Ordinary.

32 - Cobblers indicates a word for rubbish, nonsense + add a common two-letter word for Like, akin...

28 You have mistakes there.
Forget turin- was thinking of 1 turn but that ignores the copper
14a Cuneo
28 At wood ( a shaw is a wood)
4d At ten dance
14 One cycling = anagram it, after s standard two-letter 'copper'.
26(A) Pinter is the Nobelist...
Any suggestions, please, for 25(A) and 31 (D).
Question Author
26a looks like "Interact", but cannot parse it. Any help? Thanks!
31 down - A three letter non-British tree between A for American and E for European. The result is the alternative name for the white poplar.
26 Pinter, theatric Nobelist, drop the P, music term for 'quiet'. Act = Do. Interact = pause.
25 across - Usual abbreviation for our current monarch + a word for outdoor entrances gives a word for a worker ant (sometimes seen without S at the end)
There, looks like we've done just about the whole puzzle now! What a helpful site this is.

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