Stuck On Two

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venator | 11:41 Sun 29th Jul 2018 | Crosswords
7 Answers
Mostly fair, but some awful ones!

Stuck on 7 down - Remove cover from horse — dislodge man astride it (9)
I have A?S?E?T??

18 ACROSS - Single month, November or August? (6)
I have ?O???N

First solver will be appointed an apostle in The First Church of Answerbank. Praise Ab Editor


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18 Solemn

Sole + M(onth) + N(ovember)
18a solemn
7d Unsheathe - 'unseat he' (astride; round) 'h(orse)'
18a Solemn - 'sole (single) m(onth) N(ovember)'
7 Unsheathe

Unseat round H(orse) + he
7d unsheathe
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I'm awestruck! As it's Sunday you're all confirmed apostles, should you wish this! Sadly, the First Church of Answerbank has languished in recent times.
Collection plate due any minute ;-)

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Stuck On Two

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