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Leachy10 | 22:32 Sat 05th Jan 2008 | Jokes
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Once upon a time, at a perfect Christmas party, there was a perfect meeting between a perfect man and a perfect woman. They went on a perfect date, and after a perfect courtship, they celebrated a perfect wedding. Their life together was - of course - perfect.

Then, one snowy Christmas Eve, the perfect couple were driving their perfect car along a steep winding road. They noticed a man at the side of the road calling for help. Of course - being the perfect couple - they stopped to see if they could help.

There, at the side of the road, stood Father Christmas, with a huge sack full of toys. The perfect couple - not wanting to destroy the magic of Christmas - bundles Father Christmas and his sack into their car, and drove off to start delivering the presents.

The driving conditions were poor, and only ten minutes down the road there was a serious car accident. Unfortunately, only one of the occupants survived.

Who was the survivor?

Of course, the survivor was the perfect woman. Everybody knows that Father Christmas and a Perfect Man don't exist.


Men, keep reading

Well you see if there is no perfect man and no Father Christmas, it must have been the woman that was driving. This would explain why there was a car accident. By the way, if you're a woman and you're reading this, this brings up another point: women never follow instructions!


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