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keithlbw | 15:02 Mon 21st May 2007 | Jokes
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A Palestinian a Frenchman and an Englishman are washed up on a desert island where they find a bottle. When they take the top off , a Genie appears , thank you he says, I have been in that bottle for a thousand years , you can have one wish each.

The Palestinian says I am sick of the fighting in my country I would like to go home and find it at peace. It is done says the Genie and the Palestinian vanishes in a flash.

The Frencman says I am sick of my country being invaded. I would like to go home and find a huge wall around my country that no one can get through. It is done says the Genie and the Frenchman vanishes.

The Englishman says can I ask a question first and the Genie says sure.
How big is this wall and is it true nothing can get through it?
It is 100 metres high and 20 metres thick and totally impenetrable , says the Genie.

Okay says the Englishman I will make my wish....
Fill it with water.


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