A nun gets on a bus

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Athley | 21:09 Sun 07th Jan 2007 | Jokes
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she's the only one on its quite late at night and she says to the driver,

'I know I'm a nun but I've been to the doctors today and he's told me I've only got a week to live. I would like to have sex before I die. The only thing is it has to be with a man who is single and it must be anal sex so that I remain a virgin.'

The bus driver thinks about it and sees she's a nun,

'OK then'

Afterwards the bus driver says,

'I've got a confession to make - I'm not single I'm a married man with 3 children'.

The nun says,

'That's OK I've got a confession to make too, my names Eric and I work at the fancy dress shop.'


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Why do you do this? Having fun?
Question Author
Sorry softspot - that you have had a sense of humour bypass operation - hope you recover soon!!
i found that realy funny actually!! ha ha ha, a little gross, but funny! :D
Question Author
Thank you jonnoman

I have never put a joke on here before but heard that one in the pub last night.

I defo won't give up my day job though for a career in stand up - particularly if softyspots in the audience!!
Brill!!! : )) lmao x dont know why the people who have 'lost' their soh even bother looking!!
Love it. The ones with the punchlines you don't expect are the best.
That one was going the rounds in the 80s - how come some people didn't expect it?
loved it , did not expect the punchline ROFL LOL
This joke is 'virgin' on the ridiculous!

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A nun gets on a bus

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