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Telephone directory & recycling

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Thunderbird+ | 19:24 Sun 07th Jan 2007 | Jokes
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Dont throw-out those old phone books, you can simply re-use them and turn them into elegant address books!

Just cross-out the names of people that you dont know and 'Hey Presto!, You've saved yourself a packet!


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LOL another Viz jem :):):)
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O'h Hi Teash, I thought it was a Harry Hill jem, maybe he's a secret Viz reader SHhhhhhhhhh! LoL
At last another Harry fan, the mans totally pi** funny, I don`t watch you`ve been framed because of the clips, I watch it for his commentary:)
Did you hear about the Irishman who cycled to the shops on his bike!

He came back home on it too, and then he had re-cycled home!

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Telephone directory & recycling

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