Hippy and nun

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gelda | 12:03 Sun 17th Aug 2008 | Jokes
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A hippy gets on a bus and sits next to a nun, he says to the nun "can I have sex with you" she says "go away young man you're digusting"
At the next stop the nun gets off.
The hippy gets talking to the driver about how much he'd like to have sex with a nun so the driver said that he knew the nun went to the cemetary every night to pray to God and suggested that he (the hippy) should dress up as god and go to the cemetary and demand sex with her as a duty to God.
This he did but the nun said it must be anal sex as she didn't want to lose her virginity, he said that was okay and got on with it.
When they had finished the hippy took off his God robe and said ah ha I'm not really God I'm the hippy, with that the nun took off her robe and said ah ha I'm not a nun I'm the bus driver!!!


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Hippy and nun

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