"smokers complain about their rights"!

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R1Geezer | 18:51 Thu 03rd Feb 2011 | News
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What about our rights, to not breath their poisons?
They've had it all their own way up to relatively recently, yet they still cannot understand why society has had enough of their disgusting filth. Why are smokers so selfish?


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Now there is no smoking permitted in any building, taxi, most hotels, etc, when did you last have to endure passive smoking?
As a smug, self-satisfied ex smoker could I ask you three to stand away from the door as my addiction is still very much with me and I'm WEAK!
I find it hard to equate cigarette smoke in the open with the foul smell in a bar. The only justification is that the poor misguided smokers will find it so inconvenient they may give up altogether thereby improving their health.

Once I unknowingly opened a can of beer on a trail in the Rockies (banned) and the holier than though sneers of passing walkers amused me greatly. So I have some sympathy with outdoor smokers.
The argument put forward when UK pubs became non smoking, was that more people would stay at home and children be more exposed to smoke.

A similar argument might be raised that children in New York may not be taken to run and play in wide green spaces, whilst Mum and/or Dad has a sneaky cig stood well away.

Pass the lighter someone.
"professional football, television, cinemas, fashion, chocolate"

Such simplistic replies really need thorough thought first
mamy, my local pubs are FULL of young children up until 9pm. They're like creches that allow the parents to get tanked.
Habdabs - how many bikers do you actually know? Such a narrow minded view.

I agree with Wyzard, smokers can be selfish but you can apply that to a whole lots of groups of people. I smoke but I agree pubs, etc are nicer places without smoking in them but I don't it's going to take me some convincing for me to buy that by my smoking in a wide outdoor area is going to have an effect one someone else.
Speaking of cravings ... I'm craving a workout, so I'm off to the gym.

Be good ... x
it doesn't end there though, I can't stand it when I'm getting in the lift with someone who's just been for a fag and stink of stale smoke, knocks me sick!
The wife and I smoke,when it is bad weather it is confined to 1 room in our house,we never smoke when grandkids are here,we never smoke when we have visitors,we do not smoke on the street,we only smoke in the car on long journeys if no one else is with us and then with window open,we have even surprised friends and family when revealing we smoke,most of them didnt think we did,so if we can do it anyone who smokes can.
Don't misunderstand me, I am quite happy that pubs etc do not allow it any more, nor am I keen on children in pubs as such (unless it is a family/restaurant type pub) but to not be able to sit beneath a tree in a park , well I feel is over the top.
I don't smoke in the house if a non smoker comes round. Same I wouldn't smoke in my Mums house because she doesn't smoke...even though she had a lodger that did. I'd rather go without than feel uncomfortable.

I don't smoke in the street....I hate seeing parents smoking at the school gates, it kinda disgusts me....I don't smoke in the car...As a general rule I don't take cigarettes out with me unless I'm on a night out....I prefer the pubs being non smoking
why hello!!!!
I'm like Ummm - but I don't smoke in the house either (even if it's chucking it down).
I have an outhouse :-(( and it's cold :-((
Why do smokers think it is acceptable to litter the place with cigarette butts? Car owners that empty their ashtrays in to the gutter turn my stomach.
<sprays air round B00 with Air Wick Peach & Jasmine>
jno,lol, you big girl!!! ;-)
Fag or not, I still love yer, Boo.

D xx
hc....that drives me mad as well. Our council handed out butt pouches that are heat proof. You put your cigarette out in it and it seals so it doesn't make your handbag stink.

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"smokers complain about their rights"!

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