Top Gear crew, racist?

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anotheoldgit | 16:00 Thu 03rd Feb 2011 | News
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This could be a hard nut to crack for some.

Are these remarks made by that supercilious trio racist, and if they are should the 'Top-Gear' trio be axed?

Or are the Mexican woman's accusations a little OTT?


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It cannot be racist if it is accurate.
I just thought I'd share the stereotype quoted:

///Mexican cars are just going to be a lazy, feckless, flatulent, oaf with a moustache leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat///
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Good point Geezer, I eagerly await the reaction.
In the broadest sense yes, but you can argue that they were using the sterotypical cartoon/ old film mexican and that no one was meant to take it seriously.

I can understand the mexicans being upset but a sense of humour might help.
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I've been to Mexico (Puerto Vallartes) a couple if times, and the only stereotype which I can confirm is that Mexicans are shorter than you expect.

Top Gear - people shouldn't really get het up about the show. Its just three heroically mingling blokes in Asda jeans...being blokey.

One of them is a midget - so at least they're being nice and inclusive!
Apparently, the Mexican woman's husband saw the show on Sunday night, and instructed lawyers to fight the case on his wife's behalf, immediately he woke up on Wednesday afternoon.
I was slow off the mark there, wyzard ha ha
I am a fan of Top Gear, but honestly? Yes, I think the remarks are kind of racist in a casual/offhanded kind of way. Not necessarily malicious, but they are indicative of a kind of national stereotype that exists and is very current. Obviously Mexicans aren't a race, but I think the intention behind the remarks applies to Latin Americans as a whole, and even if not it's a very similar ballpark.

Having said that, if I were watching it at the time, then I'd have probably just picked up on the casual racism for a second and then not really thought about it anymore.
"Obviously Mexicans aren't a race"


What are they then?
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Of course their comments were racist. The presenters of the show are pretty childish though, at the best of times so I`m surprised they were taken so seriously. There must be tv programmes somewhere around the world that are taking the mick out of the British.
Did you know that Speedy Gonzales,the cartoon,was banned in the USA because it stereotyped Mexicans, in the form of Speedys friends,as lazy.
It is still shown in Mexico though where it remains very popular.
Some people need to get a sense of humour, the Top Gear team make fun of everybody, including themselves.
Mexicans are a Nationality.
If anything they are Latin-American...........race-wise.
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/// in the broadest sense yes, but you can argue that they were using the sterotypical cartoon/ old film mexican and that no one was meant to take it seriously.///

Substitute the stereotypical cartoon/old film Mexican, with the stereotypical cartoon/old film African.

Would a sense of humour also help in this case Dave?
they cant be that lazy - you ever tried swimming across the rio-grande? underwater.
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The Jester was always allowed the freedom to make game of anyone. If these three aren't the modern equivalent of Clown what are they? Also they serve as a safety valve for those who believe that PC has gone too far.
Yep what was that sterotype AOG. This is another case of you thinking the other posters on this board are stupid.

We just wait and in some cases provoke and wait a bit. I wonder how may of just say "and here it comes"
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