"smokers complain about their rights"!

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R1Geezer | 18:51 Thu 03rd Feb 2011 | News
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What about our rights, to not breath their poisons?
They've had it all their own way up to relatively recently, yet they still cannot understand why society has had enough of their disgusting filth. Why are smokers so selfish?


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i find it utterly ridiculous how most of the smokers cite other pollution as though its an argument against the ban...

'what about cars eh?' - what about them? sure they pollute - but that hardly excuses smoking, and thats not the subject at hand... one thing at a time eh?

there is always something worse...doesnt mean lesser evils are forgiven..
So a New Yorker will be banned from sitting on a bench in Central Park, and having a smoke.

In the meantime, there is hardly a square inch of road in the whole city that doesn't have a car belching out fumes.

The article refers to concern for children with asthma. I hope those children never set foot outside their air-filtered apartments!

Or they could move to by the seaside, where the air is always fresh and clean ...

(**opens window a bit wider**)
Their is a purpose to traffic on the roads - to transport goods and people from A to B.
The only purpose of cigarette smoking is to satisfy the craving of a drug addict.
very clever, joko... you managed to rebut JJ's answer even before she'd posted it.

Anyway, JJ, isn't that the point? The streets may be lethal but at least you should be able to breathe clean air in Central Park or at the beach?

(The various roads through Central Park may damage my argument, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.)
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The only reason that professional football exists is to satisfy the cravings of those individuals who cannot get by without watching other people do sport, while they themselves drink lager and eat meat pies.

Don't ban smoking ... ban football.
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*lights cigarette and waits*
What has smoking got to do with football? Are you saying ALL football fans are smokers? That's just idiotic.
In any case, footballers do me no harm.
throws water over ummmm and her nasty cigarette!!
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doc, I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn you are smoking camel poo in a benson's packet you bought from a bloke in the pub for a quid.
Cigarettes and alcohol should only be available to people with a prescription from a Doctor. They should only be consumed on private property.

Once this is in force we then need to cut down on traffic on our roads. We could start with MotorBikes who needs one of these noisy things. Most of these machines are ridden by the unwashed who would get kicked off pubic transport because of the smell they emit.
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hc ...

You suggested that smoking was pointless (it only exists to satisfy people's cravings).

Well, lots of things exist to satisfy people's cravings ...

professional football, television, cinemas, fashion, chocolate, etc.

Part of our raison d'etre for continued existence is to enable each person to satisfy their personal desires and cravings.
As long as you confine yourself to your own homes then no problem RedHelen. But make sure the children aren't about ;o)
it's not an either/or, JJ.

Ban both of them.
How do the cravings you list Jayne compromise other people!!?
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I satisfy my personal cravings that others may find bothersome or injurous to the confines of my own home, jayne.
There is no reason why smokers can't do the same, unless they have children, in which case they should not be smoking at all.

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"smokers complain about their rights"!

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