"smokers complain about their rights"!

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R1Geezer | 18:51 Thu 03rd Feb 2011 | News
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What about our rights, to not breath their poisons?
They've had it all their own way up to relatively recently, yet they still cannot understand why society has had enough of their disgusting filth. Why are smokers so selfish?


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I've never known a car owner to empty the ashtray into a gutter and if I'm out I stub my cigarette out on the floor or a wall and then put the butt in the bin. But I bet there is something wrong with that too.
HC- "I satisfy my personal cravings that others may find bothersome or injurous to the confines of my own home," Ooooo really? what are those then!

Derek, my little petit pois, where HAVE you been? You well? Good to see you, so to speak xxx
You see it quite a bit Milly....
-- answer removed --
I can honestly say I have never seen that.
Why do non-smokers feel the need to sit outside the cafe where I've been sitting outside at lunch time enjoying my tea and ciggie thoroughout the whole of winter and autumn and spring, pulling poo poo faces and develop that 'cough' they do because suddenly it's August and there's a bit of sun... I'm not an inconsiderate smoker but I will actively laugh at you if you come and sit next to me and develop a cough because I'm smoking and not because we happen to be sitting on tottenham court road which has a fairly permenant smell of fue and smokel in the air!
I've seen it quite a lot Milly. A couple of time I've parked somewhere, gone to step out of the car and trodden in a mound of butts!

Having given up smoking 3 years ago I can't stand the smell of smoke anymore. It actually makes me feel sick. On several occasions I have been walking behind people when they have lit up and its blown straight into my face.
And I've had holes burned in my clothes when in a crowd, because somebody thought it would be okay to smoke.
So we're laying ALL the blame on littering on smokers and their fag butts? Rightio!
Hc....those personal cravings you mentioned....?
pa___ul3 i have the same problem with beer drinkers

milly143 plenty

Ban Curry shops they stink and get the wrong sort of customer at night time.
oh the Peach & Jasmine is only coz you're so sweet, B00 - anyone else, I'd use the Air Wick Dog Poo.
Nope, not all littering is caused by smokers, but 100% of cigarette ends discarded in public places is caused by smokers.
I've seen birds try to swallow those cigarette ends. Yuk.
I've never smoked, but do not have a problem with people smoking in open space, there are much worse smells, and more dangerous fumes. It always makes me think when people complain so loudly that they are EX smokers dying for their next fag!!!
So, this story has "what" to do with the UK???
ETY - I think Geezer want it introduced here.
who said it had anything to do with the UK? Geezer is a gentleman of international connections.
Anyone got a light?
Getting back to the original point. I'd dearly love to see footage of the cops (or whoever's going to enforce these new laws) pottering down the mean ghettos of NY and ordering the gun toting, high as kite youths to stub their cigs out!
Why don't they ban chewing gum chewers?? The pavements are covered in the revolting stuff.

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"smokers complain about their rights"!

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