Decission to re-new Trident delayed until after the election

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Gromit | 23:31 Mon 18th Oct 2010 | News
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Personally, I believe Trident is a White Elephant and we do not need it, but the decission not to make a decission looks like a cop out.

// Whitehall sources said tonight that the building of the new generation of nuclear submarines will be delayed until the mid 2020s – about three years after the first of the current Vanguard submarines is due to be withdrawn from service.

The decision means that the first of the new generation of nuclear submarines may not be in operation until 2028, five years after the first Vanguard is due to be withdrawn. The lives of the Vanguard submarines will be prolonged to fill the gap. //

Is Nick Clegg running the Government? The LibDems will be pleased by this decission.

Or pragmatism in the face of the huge deficit?


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Seems obvious to me

The bill is too huge and it's effectiveness is highly dubious.

However the idea of the UK independant nuclear deterrant is deeply embedded in the Tory psyche. They associate it with national pride and their view of Britain as still being a great power.

You hear lots of expressions like it "giving us a seat at the top table" and things like that.

Clearly the Government is not about to cough up the cash but hasn't the guts to come out and cancel it.

Let's hope there isn't a nasty accident with aging subs held together with sticking tape eh?

Wonder what the tabloids will make of this - I know what the headlines would have been if a Labour PM had made this decision!
Just keep one or two to keep the countries with a loony leader at bay.
Hmm, hardly stuck together with sticking tape.

Personally I agree with Gromit. They are white elephants.

And on the subject of scrapping it I didnt see Noo labour rush to scrap them.
Nope as metioned on a previous thread the public don't trust Labour with the nuclear deterrant in the same way that they don't trust the Tories with the health service.

Cameron had to promise to ring-fence the NHS and Blair had to promise not to scrap Trident.
There are 2 sorts of nuclear submarine:
a nuclear-powered submarine
a nuclear-powered submarine that also carries Trident nuclear weapons - Vanguard Class.
The Astute class subs are just now coming into service and an example of the first.
The news hacks don't seem to understand the difference either.

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Decission to re-new Trident delayed until after the election

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