The Gravy Train Is Running Out Of Track

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RebelSouls | 12:33 Tue 19th Oct 2010 | News
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Is it now time to encrypt the signal and let them who praise the parasites who run this service pay for its upkeep.


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I think a much better idea would be to just change the law such that everybody requires a TV license whether or not they own a TV.

Then we could just tack it onto the the council tax and save a fortune in chasing all these License cheats who pretend they don't have a TV.

Job done!
Good thinking Jake :-) I like that idea...
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According to the BBC Trust, between 2002/03 and 2007/08, an average of just over 25,000 people (approx 1 in 6 of the total), were acquitted in court, of LF evasion.

Are the courts fiddling the figures Jake. The last 3 search warrants that i have seen found NO TV at the premses do you think the TV detector vans are FAULTY.
So 5 in 6 were fiddling then?
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Would you like your house searched Coobeastie for doing nothing wrong.
Depends on why my house was being searched. I have a tv licence so its unlikely they'll ever want to search my house to see if I have a tv.
How unusual, rebelsouls on about the TV licence again!
there is no such thing as a detector van! they just check on the computer the addresses who have claimed not to have a TV.
Why should I pay for a TV license when I don't own a telly and don't plan on owning one any time soon?
if you own anything that has the capability to receive channels (ie a laptop) then you have to pay.
(to annoy RebelSouls)
The last time it came up in law, it seemed ambigious as to whether or not you had to have a TV license for that caz, (I was wondering about it at the time), it semed to be that only if you were watching channels at the same time as they were being broadcast that you needed a license. I don't do that and anyway, my broadband isn't sufficient si I couldn't if I wanted to!
you only need a license if you watch live TV on the laptop, if you only watched old stuff on iplayer you don't need a license.

it appears that you can own a tv as long as you dont watch "live or nearly" live programmes
Cheers Chuck, that's what I thought... suits me just fine! :c)
So me watching that dirty german bird on her live web-cam via your laptop is ok?
As long as it's only 'nearly live'...
What really gets me is "how indignant" the BBC are about being told what to do with taxpayers money. We arent going to be told what to do with your money !

Who the phook do they think they are ?

sooner they are got rid of the better, its yet another gravy train too far
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The Gravy Train Is Running Out Of Track

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