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The FA and Capello's contract.

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Gromit | 09:21 Mon 21st Jun 2010 | News
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Shortly before the start of the World Cup, Capello's contract was changed and a clause that would have allowed either party to walk away without penalty within two weeks of the World Cup was removed.

Which means that if the World Cup campaign is a flop, the cost of removing Capello (if the FA want to) will be considerable. Before the contract change, it would have cost them nothing. Now, with 2 years remaining on his contract, to pay him off will cost £12million.

Apparently, money is tight at the FA, and they do not have £12million to throw away. So his position will be untenable, but they cannot afford to remove him. We are stuck with Capello.

Should the £35million from our Taxes which the Government hands to the Football Association be withheld until the organisation is reformed, and some people who know what they are doing, are appointed to run it properly?


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They should have a whip-round in the England dressing room and pay Capello off. The over-paid t0ssers in the England squad can afford it.
The FA is a bit of a shambles. Why not withold the cash? Would there be repercussions - i.e. would England not be able to enter events etc?

Spare Ed.

Whether Capello's position is untenable or not is a matter of opinion.

Personally I don't blame him for the recent form, there are a lot more factors at play regarding the state of English football than a bunch of blokes in South Africa for a month and the way football is run in this country on a daily basis has a lot to do with it. Which brings us back to the FA and yes, I do think it needs reforming and run properly.
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The Government have threatened to cut the funding to the FA before. It is a big stick that can be used to knock some sense into them. The FA has mismanaged the English game for the last decade, they need to be reformed.

But when England win the World Cup surely they'll want to keep Capello?
well they appointed him,it looks like john terry has tried to get a players revolt going which has amounted to nothing [a bit of revenge there i think]...capello seems reluctant to change the system he believes in...if he doesnt for wednesdays crunch match the england team will be back on home soil by friday morning,if they didnt have the guile to break down the algerian defence how will they score on wednesday when slovenia will have, in effect a 9 mine defence??....they will put everyone behind the ball and defend like hell...will we have the players to break them down and score?? it depends on what team and tactics capello be honest i fear the worst but i hope i am wrong..
I thought the FA was rolling in it, I had no idea they got public money too, should knock that on the head straight away. The players/managers/hangers on can fund their own show if you ask me. As far as Capello goes we should keep him on until the contract expires, I doubt it'll ,make any difference, I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that the manager is irrelevant, we just aint good enough, my heart hopes we can one day win somthing but my head tells me we won't. The problem is that 75% of the premiership is foriegn, there just aren't enough top flight English players to get a decent squad together.
I think there is alot of talent there, it is just not consistent. Someone commented on the radio how much better the South Amercian teams are doing compared to the European ones - France, Germany, Spain are all struggling. I do think this thread is 2 days early though should England get through the mood will change.

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The FA and Capello's contract.

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