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What are the BBC afraid of?

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anotheoldgit | 12:14 Thu 22nd Apr 2010 | News
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So the BBC are not showing Sky's live TV debate, in case it is forced to give the BNP more air time, what are they afraid of.

I presume the vast majority of their licence payers would be interested to watch what the BNP or any of the other fringe parties have to say.

Would you like the BNP to participate in the leaders debate?

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Would you like the BNP to participate in the leaders debate?

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you presume the vast majority of the licence payers want to watch the BNP? On what grounds do you conclude this?
As one licence payer you presume wrong. Why would sky allow them to show it anyway? Sky didn't show last weeks from ITV, thats why they have one each isn't it.
Question Author
I just presumed, that regardless of one's politics, one would wish to hear all sides of the debates.

It is only then that one can be in a position to voice an opinion of another's politics.
I'd like to see more of the BNP on TV, in the same way that I'd love to see a chimp in a fez driving a toy car.

Their ineptitude is actually quite cute. And often very funny.
Added poll on the broader question.

Spare Ed
But they are showing it - just not on the two terrestrial channels, I could understand the fuss if they were refusing point blank to broadcast it.
don't try to confuse the OP with facts, Hazel
It's a Sky production, in a Sky studio with a Sky presenter. It would be unprecedented for the BBC to clear schedules and make room on one of their two flagship, terrestrial channels for a rival's show.

ITV are doing the same. They're showing in online.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand relax.
there is no poll option for "don't give a rat's ain't gonna watch"
Dear Mr Quinlad

I have just read your post about the chimp.

I will be invoicing you for the following:

A keyboard ( Coffee Damage)

A shirt (Coffee stained)

A cup of Coffee - Spat all ove the desk Cleaning can look after the desk.

And i'm off out tonight :-)
-- answer removed --
Oh my God Oldgit - you are a spitting image of John Bull! No need to look in the mirror for you - this is great though, totally reflects you. All these avatars are great.

But no I don't think we need to hear the fringe parties. I think there is enough regarding the now main three and too much chose I think will confuse the public and people will refrain from votes due to indecision. I think its enough that people examine the main three parties.
"I think its enough that people examine the main three parties"

indeed Seadragon. In Scotland, the SNP would qualify in your statement; yet Alex Salmond has not been invited to take part.
I'm not that interested in watching the debate anyway as I see it as a side show using personalities and the ability to talk to sway the audience.

But that said there is a problem with allowing more than the potential prime ministers to participate. There are a load of parties and where do you draw the line ? Start adding a forth or fifth, and you have no real justification for not inviting the lot. And then how do you create something worth listening to/watching ?

Best to let them all answer set questions and write a paragraph or two highlighting what they think is important, and go post them all somewhere for interested parties to read..
But that's what I am enjoying about the Leader's Debate. Since I don't watch many soap opera's this is exciting stuff! Too long though but I like this three episode debate format. No more parties though.

Mushroom I don't know anything about Scottish Politics and very little about Scotland for that matter. Nice accents though.

It's a little unfair to criticize the BBC for not showing this debate...because they ARE:

"Sky News, which will host the second debate in Bristol, has made the rights available to rival broadcasters, but the BBC has chosen to simulcast it only on BBC News 24. It will also be simulcast on Radio 4 and repeated on BBC2 at 11.30pm."

So I'm not sure that the question should stand.

Also, you have to draw the line somewhere...who else should be given air time? There are dozens of minority parties...if you gave them ALL equal screen time, there'd be no room for Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing.

Oh...I seem to have blown a hole in my own argument.
Question Author

There should be one which includes the BNP, UKIP and the Green Party, or even the English Democratic Party.
Or they could just cut to the chase and have a punch-up in a car park to see who's best.

Y'know, stick to what they know.

(Especially the Greens).

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