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German rail operator to buy Arriva for £1.6bn

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anotheoldgit | 11:15 Thu 22nd Apr 2010 | News
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Yet another British company taken over by a foreign company.

Will this mean more British job losses?


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Yep if you want a bus from London to Birmingham you will need a french driver
As the trains will operate in Britain its not something you can export. The profits could be shipped back to Germany though. We are also relying on a German company to invest further.
Arriva international company based in the UK which operates bus and/or rail operations in Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

It makes no difference who owns it. There might be a few pen pushers lose their job, but the bulk of the staff will remain in the UK because that is where the bus and rail routes are. It is a service industry, not a manufacturing one, jobs cannot be exported to Germany.
they already own Tyneside Metro a.o.g
Bus and rail jobs are most a risk if the Nasty Party get in and start slashing investment in public transport.
I wonder if anyone can remember who sold our Water, Electric and Gas Companies to the French and Germans?
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German rail operator to buy Arriva for £1.6bn

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