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What Are They Not Telling Us?

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douglas9401 | 08:43 Fri 28th Oct 2022 | News
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Not for the first time China takes the hard option expecting a different outcome.
What are they so afraid of and why are they not saying? They're the experts after all.


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Conspiracy theory meets conspiracy theory

"They're out to control us" v "They're hiding the Awful Truth"

Take your pick
I don't get it. Lockdowns only delay the spread whilst you take other measures, develop vaccines etc. Surely they have the vaccine.
It is crazy.
Unless of course they have some other killer virus and they aren't telling us. Thing is, that's what everyone said the last time.
could be their scientists are aware that COVID-19's trajectory will eventually cause it to evolve into something more deadly. just sayin'.....
mushroom: "could be their scientists are aware that COVID-19's trajectory will eventually cause it to evolve into something more deadly. just sayin'..... " - no a deadly virus is not an effective virus, the host is the main spreading mechanism. Generally viruses tend to evolve to be less deadly.
They don't have a 'vaccine', strangely enough.
Viruses do indeed evolve to be less deadly.
The worst thing you can do is coop everyone up.
The reason we did it was to stop the hospitals getting bunged up.
The Chinese are well ahead on vaccines as well, with a new aerosol version available. Maybe they don't trust them.
More likely to do with the politics of an authoritarian regime.
Fun fact : A friend of mine works with Chinese students. They all believe that the covid virus originated here, having been told that back in China.
That is true Tomus, the propaganda there is rife.

The Chinese like to do things their way, usually brutally, so it doesn't have to make any sense as much of it is only to show who is boss. (And not just on this Covid thing).
The reason I thought they didn't have vaccines is because John Campbell said they didn't in a video I watched yesterday.
Googled it in every way I could think of. It's disappeared.
Whether it's gone down the memory hole completely or Google have stuck it on p9,8047, I don't know. sigh
After 10 minutes, they made no pretence of helping. Just page after page about China's brilliant, world beating aerosol vaccine. lol.
I wonder how much change Elon has.
Found a transcription. Don't read the replies, they're disgusting.
Their government can not afford to lose face by admitting they were wrong, so the people, whom the government doesn't care a fig about, get to suffer the same fate again & again.

Unless the army rises up against the tyrannical government, supports the people, their own families, and changes the primitive political system that they have there, then things aren't going to change for a long time. It's presently turned into a larger version of North Korea, under the control of a leader who has just defied rules to put himself in for a third term, and presumably life.

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What Are They Not Telling Us?

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