Why so much party politics on here?

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littleoldme | 14:09 Sun 16th Nov 2008 | News
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I've been reading several threads on here, particularly about those poor murdered babies, and it saddens me to see debates about these tragedies rapidly degenerate into the usual left v right slanging matches. I find it offensive to have it implied that only those on the right care about these issues, and that those on the left are in favour of leniency for the perpetrators. What next? Will voting Tory be put forward as the only way into Heaven? The apologists are no better - I cannot accept that there is any way social services can visit a child 60 times and not see how at risk he was. I'm sure it is a difficult job, but isn't this exactly what they're trained for? Would we accept detectives being unable to catch a murderer because the suspect told a few fibs and tried to cover their tracks?

As you may realise, I don't neatly fit into a particular political pigeonhole - I'm quite "left wing" (whatever that means) on some issues, quite "right wing" (likewise) on others. Law and order is an area where I may be considered quite right of centre, though I stop short of advocating the return of capital punishment.

Can we not just accept that while we may have different views on apportioning blame, a huge majority of people, whatever their political persuasion, find these crimes abhorrent and terribly sad, and hope those who carry them out spend very long years in jail?

There is a time and a situation for cheap political point-scoring, on both sides of the divide. This isn't it.


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I'd never really thought of child murder as an 'unacceptable lifestyle', though I suppose it is, isn't it? But as Gromit points out, these cases do not occur only under Labour; furthermore they did not begin to happen only in the 1960s when an outpouring of sex and drugs swept away our moral standards.

They are NOT as guilty as the mother, stepfather and lodger -

Don't let the mother, father and stepfather off the hook -they are solely to blame for this tragedy.

How did you get away with statements like these Ethel?

When I make similar statements, some ABers are quick to remind me, that they haven't been proven guilty yet.

I do love the way you've decided that you're fit to decide what is and what is not an acceptable lifestyle for other people to live.

Well done! y-P-Hidden-Horror-Revealed.html

Read this, if you haven't already

You need a stong stomach.

There is no defence, right - left any way. This is not political, this is ineptitude of the highest order. I don't care how much work you have if this is true someone should have seen it.

As for the scum that did it, they can get no more than 14 years means they will be out in 5.

But I will say this political correctness has an awful lot to do with all of this, no accountability, no one who is in charge and you can be sure of one thing whilist we sit and debate this is happening again.
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AOG - the mother, stepfather and lodger were found guilty last Tuesday of causing or allowing the baby's death, but they will not be sentenced until December.
I have no problem with anyone who wants to disagree with me, thats the purpose of this site, to discuss, and I do agree about the guidelines, and perhaps I was a bit strong about Haringey Social Services,but I still maintain, whoever made the final decision to return this child, is as guilty as his Mother and Stepfather,

Lonnie I'd love to agree, but the chances are they see hundreds of similar cases and never saw the child.

I think that all the mangers of these places should have been in the field for at least 10 years before they can be considered for elevated promotion and no Social worker should be under 30.
You do a good job perpetuating the notion that nobody should be judgemental of people�s lifestyles, jake. I may not be the best person to do so, but somebody will have to if similar atrocities to the one in question (and numerous others) are to be avoided.

The idea that the taxpayer can provide people with free housing and shedloads of money, then simply let them get on with the business of churning out children from random couplings whom they then mistreat has clearly failed. It needs to be addressed and if that means somebody suggesting that such people�s lifestyles are perhaps not all that helpful, then so be it.

What concerns me is that, far from simply supporting their lifestyle, it is costing me and millions like me a large fortune to provide for the very existence of such people, and another fortune to badly administer their care. Somebody needs to be judgemental towards their lifestyle whilst it is costing the taxpayer so much. He that pays the piper must sooner or later call the tune.

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Why so much party politics on here?

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