Poor families to get �1K from Uncle Gordy

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helpmetoo | 12:05 Sun 16th Nov 2008 | News
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Surely its not only me, but this latest idea to ramp up some benefits like tax credits and heating subsidies for 'poor families' is another example of prudent (lol) Brown rewarding the most un-prudent of society once again.... good for votes though!

So he is going to chuck a large at people whose actions or lack of responsibility puts them in the poor charts.

Thats it then, to get ahead under a labour government I should consider giving up work to concentrate on shelling out a few kids.

Where has the incentive to work hard and conduct your finances efficiently without holding out your hand for our misappropriated tax and NI money gone?


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is there a link to this somewhere?
I don't know where you got your information from.

Have you got a link?

All I have seen is proposed tax cuts to help low and middle income families, worth �480 to every tax payer in Britain.

Unless you are referring to the Mail headline, where if you read the article it says:
Although he refused to put a figure on the size of the handout � which is likely to be delivered in tax credits or winter fuel payments

So there is nothing definite yet.

I saw that news (and it was from the Daily Fail) I agree with helpmetoo's views because I am single and unemployed and not a pensioner. I rent a home paying it with my savings and whilst I agree that families really should get help, and pensioners really do need help, Comrade Brown is forgetting a lot of people that are unemployed and single and not eligible for tax credits either.

I take the Daily Fail with a pinch of salt always. But it does seem that brown expects votes from couples and families and those who are single are discounted from help always.
But we don't know what Brown is intending - it is all speculation at the moment.

lets hang on a second here,what about hard working people with no dependant children,who do not qualify for tax credits or are not pensioners so do not qualify for a heating grant?are they somehow exempt from feeling any kind of financial strain?so therefore do not seem to qualify for anything brown is proposing.a fair way of giving something to hard working people is a huge tax cut on earnings,therefore offering bone idle people the incentive to get off their sorry a**es and go to work.some people dont want to work and who can blame them when they have to pay no rent,council tax get family allowance and then some work ''on the side'' as well.i think the hard working people of this country deserve to be helped out in the form of tax cuts to bring them in line with the unemployed scroungers of this country because 1 thing is getting clearer in the does not pay to go to work.....
We don't know what Brown is proposing. One of the news reports suggests he is going to cut income tax so all tax payers will benefit.
As any fule no... poor people are poor because they're lazy and careless and rich people are rich because they're prudent and hard-working.
So people on a low wage are lazy are they quinlad? My other half works a full week and only brings home �13,000pa,is it his fault that the bank he works for only pays that amount?
Quin: Molesworth references just made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thank you.
daffy, Quinlad might have had a little sarcasm in his voice there. Also, his analysis fails to account for chav lottery winners.
Chav lottery winners don't stay rich for very long. They have neither the intelligence nor the prudence to hang on to their money 4/Gordon-Browns-1-000-Christmas-present-poor-f amilies-hit-credit-crunch.html

At the moment the final figure is pure speculation, but as they say "every little helps" Or does it?

That would mean spending up to �30billion, or just under �1,000 for each taxpayer, on a combination of public spending boosts and tax cuts in stages over the next 18 months.

Mr Brown said: �What you want is physical action which will show results as quickly as possible. We will act to entrench our fairness agenda.�

Financial help for poor families is central to this, he added, as low-income groups are more likely to spend any money they receive, thus increasing the economic boost
apologis aog.
I have worked over 20 years for the NHS. No pension for any previous job (apart from the State Pension), and I have worked for well over 40 years. I am entitled to pension credit!!!! Not my fault that my job paid peanuts (and didn't get monkeys, we all worked our socks off, no payment for overtime, etc etc.). In fact, I have never earned more than �19,000 per annum in my entire life and that was with 4 - yes four - you overpaid banking type persons - jobs. One fulltime and 3 part-time. The only way at the time that I could make ends meet. Unfortunately now, since my retirement, ends aren't being met. Especially as my bank(with whom I have had an account for over 15 years) has withdrawn my overdraft. I really don't know how we will survive. Certainly we can't afford to 'heat and eat' this winter, even with the �250 winter allowance. I am still aware (and grateful) that this 'recession' is nowhere near as awful as that in the early 90's. Interest rates are slightly lower than the 15% that applied at the time!
Spot on helpmetoo. A few more quid in tax credits for them to spend in the pub or on the latest mobile phones.
But as already pointed out, a good vote winner.

That's what he want's them to do. Spend. Spend. Spend.

It is the way to get us out of recession he says.

Financial help for poor families is central to this, he added, as low-income groups are more likely to spend any money they receive, thus increasing the economic boost
As this handout is only a temporary measure most comments on here seem wide of the beam. Income tax and allowances do not fit the bill. Maybe a one of handout like the Xmas bonus. Or cutting the VAT for a specific number of months to get us through it so people have to spend. Overall VAT would help the richest to buy so it must be certain items.

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Poor families to get �1K from Uncle Gordy

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