Should these Iraqi killers be given legal aid, so they can be tried in the UK?

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anotheoldgit | 17:35 Sun 16th Nov 2008 | News
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Now the Government want to hand them over to Iraq for trial but their lawyers have launched a High Court challenge, claiming this would breach their human rights.


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it may suit you to call them Iraqi killers, but they haven't been found guilty of it yet, have they?
It actually says 'killers' in the headline.
They should be handed over to face trial in Iraq. The alleged crime was comitted there, they should be tried there.
They are in Iraq, they did it in Iraq, I would have thought that there is no choice but to hand them over. I can't understand the basis for involving Britsh lawyers and admin at all.
R1, you have forgottent the HRA gravy train, you know the one put in place by his Tonyness as a pension plan for him and his missus. (Can't see any other use for it)
One of the men was arrested at his home 20 months after the killings of the British soldiers. He denys any involvement. His statements reads:
"We believe that the British soldiers killed in Basra during the first three days of war died in a confrontation with the Iraqi army, which was defending Basra. We were not even part of the Iraqi army or involved in security forces; we were part of a civilian political organisation."

They have been held for 5 years without a trial. Both admit they are former Ba'athists. There is a programmme of De-Baathification at present in Iraq. There is good reason to believe that they will not get a fair trial in Iraq because of their Baathist past.

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gromit are you any relation to George Galloway?

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Should these Iraqi killers be given legal aid, so they can be tried in the UK?

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