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sandbach99 | 18:58 Wed 10th Sep 2008 | News
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BBC North West Wales news reports that a woman is to be evicted from her home for anti-social behaviour as she makes too much noise, one reason given is she flushes the toilet twice every time even during the night.

There is more to this story I think than that being reported.

My view is that the council should sound-proof her home more.

Your views?

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I doubt they would evict her just because of the toilet flushing,even though flushing twice every time is excessive. She must be making a lot of noise other than that,such as slamming doors or playing loud music etc.
"A spokesman for Gwynedd council said the late night behaviour complained about included loud shouting, persistent running up and down stairs, banging of doors and cupboards as well as the persistent flushing of the toilet"


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The report does mention slamming doors but loud music is not mentioned
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Council Eviction

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