I've been dowm the pub!!!!!

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flip_flop | 16:51 Wed 10th Sep 2008 | News
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Which is more likely to **** people off;

1 - The dawrfs in the paraolymypicsare damn funny?
2 - All blacks are responsible for knife crime in our capital.
3 - Our capital is the only city worh living in (have you been to the toilets that are manchester and birmingham?)
4 - Thinking homosexuality is wrong is not a 'hate crime' it is an opinion.
5 - Chaves are scum - all of them.
6 - Dannii minogue is sexier than Sheral Cashley


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I have been down the pub for a looooooooooong time!!!!
maybe you should go back there
had 1 too many shandys have we flip flop.....?
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which one would pee people off the most?
that depends on whether you're: a midget, a darkie, a brummie, a *******, a chav or cheryl cole.

I think they're all funny. I'm off to the pub myself soon - I will ask that question whilst I'm there. OUCH!!! can feel the pain already from the shortlegged rastafarian bisexual mancunian footballers wife that goes in there. Beatch...
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Does shsdhgeggnqegnqegn, I love you, dfgagalgnalgnalgn, you're my best mate you are, dfgakljglagj, class as an answer?
flip flop you're a star. A very drunken one.
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I've been dowm the pub!!!!!

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