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So says an unidentified source to the Sun
Question Author
well they said it on bbc news at the very start that they had salvaged CCTV which is why I wondered why they didnt know who did it
Question Author
and how he asked neighbour to take her horse out his stables. What a kind man..... lol
Question Author
or should we go for the more sophisticated Marie Claire, what what what. :-) /third-body-found-at-mansion-fire.html
I just read it on the BBC website, came straight over to see you LOL x

My feelings on this story are so strong i daren`t even begin.
I can understand why, HK x

Mine are strong too and I can't fathom why I feel bothered by this story more than any other news story I read. The utter selfishness of him. How he could have put a gun to his daughters head is beyond me.

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mansion fire

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