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Happy Labor Day, to U.S.

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Clanad | 15:43 Mon 01st Sep 2008 | News
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The holiday here in the U.S., that traditionally signals the end of summer, back-to-school, get the fire wood ready holiday is Labor Day (first Monday of September)... today. It's designed to honor the working men and women, especially those who make a living by the strength of their arm and the stoutness of their back. Those ideals which built the U.S. originally....


The policeman buys shoes slow and careful; the teamster buys gloves slow and careful; they take care of their feet and hands; they live on their feet and hands.

The milkman never argues; he works alone and no one speaks to him; the city is asleep when he is on the job; he puts a bottle on six hundred porches and calls it a day's work; he climbs two hundred wooden stairways; two horses are company for him; he never argues.

The rolling-mill men and the sheet-steel men are brothers of cinders; they empty cinders out of their shoes after the day's work; they ask their wives to fix burnt holes in the knees of their trousers; their necks and ears are covered with a smut; they scour their necks and ears; they are brothers of cinders.

Carl Sandburg



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Indeed, I hope you and yours have a good day, C. I just wished my son in Houston the same for him and his earlier today.
Hard life, but real life. I wish every one to have a nice day for whatever, where ever and however they are. And I give my good wishes specially to those Americans and all the others who are yet again looking at another Huricane looming towards their homes.
Hi Clanad,

I wish you, your family and friends, a Happy Labor Day.

First time i've seen that Psalm, i've copied it for my collection.

Have a good one.
Well a very happy labour day to you and your family then.
Question Author
This is a little wierd, Q... my oldest son and family live in Houston... he's a petroleum engineer... Thanks for sentiments, one and all!
hope you had a good day, Clanad... as I am still waiting for summer here, I won't be celebrating for a while.
Curiouser and curiouser, C! My middle son is an electronics engineer who heads up some department at Baker-Hughes, so also, in a sense, a 'petroleum' emgineer, if you see what I mean. Mind you, I imagine one would find oneself tripping over such people as our lads in any Houston shopping mall! Cheers

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Happy Labor Day, to U.S.

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