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What evil is being preached

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anotheoldgit | 15:27 Mon 01st Sep 2008 | News
17 Answers 3/Caught-camera-Hidden-British-mosque-female-p reachers-urge-Muslims-kill-non-believers.html

If this can happen in what as been described as 'one of the most respected centres for moderate Islam in western Europe'.

Can one imagine what evil is being preached in some of the lesser known Mosques?

Channel 4 Dispatches programme, Tonight 8.00pm - 9.00pm.


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I agree AOG, gawd knows what the mad mullahs are preaching. What's the answer though?
The silence is deafening from the Muslim apologists!
You must have misread it, its a peaceful religion, isn't it?.
"Can one imagine what evil is being preached in some of the lesser known Mosques?"

Why not imagine the worst think you can possibly think of and then double it? You know, like you normally do.
Anotheoldgit - I have come to the conclusion that you are the most sickening individual ever to post on answerbank. In criticisng the mosques for "preaching evil" you seem to be forgetting about the racist filth you post on answerbank on a daily basis, you are the same as the islamic extremists just the other side of the same coin.

someone ought to do something about this racist w@nker.
If the Daily Mail (over 2 million copies a day) is printing racism, why are they never prosecuted for inciting racial hatred????

Why because it is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JJ2006, shame on you for a ghastly post.

AOG always posts within reasonable guidelines. You may find it racist, but then that's just you. To balance you out, I don't find him racist at all. This stuff is happening, it's undermining Britain, and pathetic idiots like you are jollying it along with your blind stupidity.
The truth will be known in 1hour.....pity the muslims where I live!

They're already a mistrusted/disliked bunch.

They will soon realise you can push people so far, then ......... they will learn about crusaders.
I agree, those pesky muslim are their own worse enemy.

Blood will be shed with their ridiculous demands. Even the woolley left will succumb one day, and it ain't gonna be pretty!!!

What will it take the beardy weirdy lefties to realise the facts??

Their non-muslim wife or baby to be raped in the name of Allah?? Their children to be blown to bits on a bus in the name of Mohammed??

Their children forced to learn the koran at school instead of English?

Quincey M.D to make a comeback on ITV with Jack Klugman at the helm??

Lord only knows!!!!

Christ Almighty...let some of us get home and have dinner.

Actually, I'm going to have to record this programme tonight because we're all lined up here to watch The Orphanage (brilliant scary film).

Some might say that Dispatches will be a bit of a horror film. I'll have to be 24 hours behind the rest of you.

Actually, can any one tell me - is this the second part of a two part documentary? I'm sure there was something very similar earlier this year....or late last year.

Will have to give feedback tomorrow.
I hope everybody is watching C4 at the moment? Great stuff, Islam, the religion of Peace.

The greatest threat to the West ever. Greater than Hitler, greater than communism.

Do you love your country and respect its values? Maybe time to stick up for it and protest against the lily-livered politically correct ar$eholes who whinge and whine about ooman rights while Islam preaches hatred and death.

First step? A complete embargo on building new mosques.

Second step? Deportation of all muslims.

Third step? Election of David Cameron.
What a BLINDING documentary.

We postponed watching The Orphanage because I saw the first couple of minutes of Dispatches and got hooked.

The bookshop in question - with the information gathered, I reckon they could easily be prosecuted!

I think the problem with the Women's Circle is that the police would have to prove that

Um Saleem...just a

Glad to see the balance of the programme though. They got some moderate Muslim

Biggest shock though...SAUDI ARABIA???

Not Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq.

Who would've thought?

The King Fahad Academy story is quite appalling. Really disgusting.

Got to say still hasn't changed my view of Muslims. I just don't have the 'hate gene' which the Muslim fundamentalists and Islamophobes have...the one that makes them hate with such a passion. Don't really want it to be honest.
Hope you watched the programme AOG. It just confirmed everything I have been telling you... 7900.html 4310.html 5232.html

"While we are on the Saudis, aren't they the ones payrolling the sunni insurgent/terrorists in the bloodbath that is Iraq. Many British dead with 'Made in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia' on their roadside bombs." 5293.html

the Saudis are our ally. Bush is such big mates with the Royals that he is almost family. So what if they have an appauling human rights record. So what that they export their extreme wahabi faith that the Taliban and al-qaeda follow. Just unlucky that 15 of the 9/11 attackers were Saudis. 2126.html

It goes without saying that UK Gov should encourage a return to democracy in all places ruled by dictators and Juntas, whether it be Burma, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. 0333.html

Without freedom of speech we would be no better than the dictatorships of Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.
We postponed watching The Orphanage

Shame on you.

I've already seen it twice, but my partner hadn't.

We finally got round to putting it on at 10pm and I was delighted to see him jump at that know...just after the traffic accident.

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What evil is being preached

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