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bodeker | 20:15 Mon 09th Jun 2008 | News
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Can anyone tell me who the man is talking to gordon strachan?


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Your question reminded me of this poem

Mearns is credited with the relatively well-known rhyme, composed in 1899 as a song for a play he had written, called The Psyco-ed [4] The play was performed in 1910 and the poem was first published as "Antigonish" in 1922.

As I was going up the stair
I saw a man who wasn�t there
He wasn�t there again today
I wish, I wish, he�d stay away.
"Antigonish" (1899)[2]

It would help if you gave a link
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lol Hi, yes I did try to upload a photo, both I must of made a hash of it, so i am going give it up as a bad job. thanks anyway.
'but I must have made a hash of it'

'so I am going to give it up as a bad job'
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Why, thank you Lucy Thomas for pointing out my bad typing.
Happy to help.
Lucy... where the heck have you been ?

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