Muslims vrs the IRA Bugging.

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Bewlay Bros | 13:32 Mon 04th Feb 2008 | News
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I abhor the IRA with a great passion. However give them praise when it came to the moaning front. Yes, the real Rebublican missionaries may have had a grievance over British rule in the North, but most IRA fans were just criminal filth hiding under religion and politics to front their vigilantism, prostitution, drugs, arms and protection rackets.
However, they never really moaned.

Your average muslim however like this scummage Barba Ahmed and the equally foul Sadiq Khan have already started the moaning frontage. And all because they are muslim, their moaning is being listened to.

Bugging MP's? Who gives a flying sausage?? This has being going on for years: before, during and after the Wilson ruling. All because this foul government includes members of filthy religions, it is now making news.

Things have moved on from 9/11 and ANYTHING, even kidnappings and beatings, are justified to stop muslims blowing up planes, trains and automobiles.

My blood started to boil when the dykey, pig-stinking Shami Chakrabati poked her man-hating, anti-western, terrorist loving nose in to the affair.

Well apart from wishing Chami, Barba and Sicko Khan a painful and tortuous death, there is little I can do.

So does anybody actually think it is wrong to bug MP conversations were a muslim terrorist is involved?

Conversations from Mrs Miggins to her MP about the mess in the local park need not be taped. Mrs Miggings is not going to blow up your next tube train or rape your daughter in the name of religion is she?


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Sounds like you want to go and like in some central American dictatorship where the noble security services can serve the national interest unencumbered by such outdated notions of democracy, Habeus Corpus or accountability.

"Oh please Mr MI5 - don't let the nasty muslim bogey man get me I'll let you do whatever you want"

And to think that our fathers and grandfathers sat out the Blitz only to have you roll your belly in the air and surrender all this countries freedoms.

Are you really that scared?
Question Author
Having a terrorist and his allah loving boyfriend MP bugged is a plus to my freedom.

If he (or indeed they, who knows?) were plotting an attack or spoke of infomation about such in ANY country, then my freedom is improved, NOT lost.

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Question Author

I really hope that she is violently attacked by a youth leaving her with external and internal injuries. And the Police to say it was all caught on CCTV which would bring a successful conviction.

I bet her views on banning CCTV will soon change.
The guy in prison is an alleged terrorist, so he should be bugged.
The MP is also a lawyer. This makes him doubly untrustworthy.
The rest of us are coninuously spied upon (i.e. CCTV cameras every 5 yards) so why should MP's be exempt?
I thought Mrs Miggins had a pie shop!
Someone once told me that every single phone call made is listened to. Is this true or am I being gullible and paranoid at the same time?
Question Author
I believe you are right tiggers, in Blackadder. But I use the name as a generic "old" lady.

Chami Chak.....(can't be bothered to write her ridiculously long name again, as it will take too much time) is still a terrorist loving dyke muslim bint who deserves to die.

And yes, Mrs. O, lawyers, MP's and ESPECIALLY bloody islamic, camel humping terrorists (no such thing as suspects) should NEVER be trusted.
Question Author
look up GCHQ in Cheltenham tiggers. All will be explained.
Cluck cluck cluck cluck
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In the case in question I understand it to be a terroist and his MP.

Question: Friend or not what is an MP doing talking to a suspected terrorist? Surely there should be questions in the house about that.

As always the mouslim minority want their own way. Only this morning we also hear of muslim women doctors and nurses refusing to wash their arms in the sake of religion. Well if they dont like it then I'm sure they know what they can do and if they are unsure let me telll me - p*** off and live somewhere else.

One day, very soon the British will have had enough. There will be uprising and it will not be pretty.

The moulsim community need to get their house in order and fit in or s** off somewhere else where their 15 Century beleifs and practices are tolerated.

Blackadder! No other comedy comes close to absolute brilliance.
Jake, I liked your clucking.
Question Author
Indeed youngmafbog.

remember, George Galloway chatting away with Sadham "I cried like girl and peed my camel sh!t stained pants when I was hung" Hussein. Well if memory served me right Sadham was a suspect as such when George went over to Iraq.

same thing.

Personally I do not believe we should have muslim MP's.

MP's should not be terrorists. is that really too much to ask in the 21st century?
I am not racist in any way but I had an incident with a Muslim that made my blood boil.
I took the youngest junior overall to A&E as he had caught his willie in his zip.
The muslim GP had a rant at me saying my son should be circumsized as not to do so was unclean.
I asked the doc to explain why boys were born with foreskins. He then gave me a filthy look, walked off and wouldn't treat my little boy.
I made a complaint but it went nowhere.
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The police are being accused of breaking a 40 year old code of practice without authorisation.

It's a very serious charge and all your bluster and BS doesn't change a thing.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

We have to be able to trust the police - If we can't then we're lost
Trust the police jake?????
My brother is a cop and he tells me stories about his colleagues that would make your hair stand on end.

Also, recently a work colleague of Mr O was arrested. He's a regular cannabis smoker, whatever your views are on that.
He was in custody for 1 hour and when he was released he found his house had been turned over and all his jewellery and his stash of cannabis was gone. The house was securely it had been when he went out earlier. He only has the one set of keys.
Make of that what you will.
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Muslims vrs the IRA Bugging.

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