suicides among young men....

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Loosehead | 16:30 Mon 04th Feb 2008 | News
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To coin a phrase from past politicians, "They've never had it so good"!
So why the suicides? anyone shed any light on this? I mean now they have games consoles, sky TV, computers etc etc, I mean I was made up when I had a pack of top trumps!


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It could very well be something to do with consoles or too much telly.

Staying indoors playing consoles can't be good for mental health. No sun, funny sleep patterns, no real interaction or life.

Everything looks so glamorous on telly as the world comes to us. Perhaps they feel their life is just plain dull. Watching others at work or play may make them feel they have nothing.

I don't have the answers but I wouldn't say having consoles and telly contributes to a healthy mental state.
Maybe they're just sick of older people telling them how good they're having it.

I'd probably feel like topping myself too.
Suicide is not in any way conected to material circomstances.

It's a reaction to unbearable mental suffering, when death becomes a very attratctive alternsative to living any longer.

By the time that stage is reached, possessions, relationships, everything is gone, and unreachable, so make a trite link between 'having it so good' andd killing emotional pain in such a final way is surely the premise of politicians, who could rarely if ever be in such a situation themselves - reoved as they from 'real' life from Day One of their time in office.

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suicides among young men....

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