Whinging Poms invade Australia

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Gromit | 13:15 Mon 04th Feb 2008 | News
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In an age where moaning about the state of the country has become endemic, isn't it reassuring that there are still people prepared to get off their backsides and emigrate.

The number of British people emigrating to Australia has already increased from 8,749 in the year from 2001 to 2002 to 23,290 in 2005 to 2006.

Australia claims to be the most successfully multicultural country in the world. According to the 2001 census, 23% of the population were born overseas, while 43% of the population were either born overseas or had at least one parent born overseas.


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They've not been terribly succesful at including the aboriginal Australians in their multi-cultural advances, really though..........
'Gromit invades News section'
>Australia claims to be the most successfully multicultural country in the world.

When most of the people who emigrate to Australia are of white English speaking stock it is not hard for people to integrate.

Unlike England, where we take anybody, of any race, any colour, any religion, any skill level, criminal or not, terrorist or not, already got AIDS or not, already got TB or not.

If Australia were as lax as us about who they let in it would be interesting to see how well everyone would integrate.
Saw a program over the weekend called I think "�10 poms".

This is where Australia encouraged people to emigrate to Australia for only �10 after the second world war (1950s onwards, not sure when it stopped).

They deliberately went after white English speaking people as they thought they would integrate better.

What a sensible policy, pity we didn't follow it with our immigration policy (maybe we didnt have an immigration policy).

If we had I doubt we would have had loads of Muslim terrorists, Yardie drug gangs, Romanian credit card gangs and so on.

Oh well, bit late now, country is too late to save.
Having spent time in Australia, I can only say how much that it made me appreciate the UK. Australian is multi cultural and it's policies have changed somewhat since the 50s and 60s when they preferred (and it was acceptable to state the fact) white English speaking people.

An awful lot of Australians come over to the UK and never return and I fully appreciate why.
Australia-they are very discerning.Thats why I'd love to go there and escape this god-fobidden country and its open-door policy on romanian beggars taking over our streets.Its not like they didnt know it wouldnt happen.makes me sick.
as Lottie said, it's now rather more multicultural, and they don't hunt and shoot aborigines any more. So I'm afraid if you went there, sandyg, you'd find non-whites.

Hard to know where to flee to, really.
Hi Sandy , How right your are. My house is up for sale & as soon as I have a buyer I AM OFF to Northern Portugal with Wife & Daughterl. I just cannot wait to get out of this Rat-Hole called the U.K & I live in he Lovely- Peaceful Surrounds of The Snowdonia National Park !. Even WE (here) are being inundated with ALL NATIONS !
wonder how the poor Portuguese feel about it, then?

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Whinging Poms invade Australia

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