Muslims vrs the IRA Bugging.

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Bewlay Bros | 14:32 Mon 04th Feb 2008 | News
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I abhor the IRA with a great passion. However give them praise when it came to the moaning front. Yes, the real Rebublican missionaries may have had a grievance over British rule in the North, but most IRA fans were just criminal filth hiding under religion and politics to front their vigilantism, prostitution, drugs, arms and protection rackets.
However, they never really moaned.

Your average muslim however like this scummage Barba Ahmed and the equally foul Sadiq Khan have already started the moaning frontage. And all because they are muslim, their moaning is being listened to.

Bugging MP's? Who gives a flying sausage?? This has being going on for years: before, during and after the Wilson ruling. All because this foul government includes members of filthy religions, it is now making news.

Things have moved on from 9/11 and ANYTHING, even kidnappings and beatings, are justified to stop muslims blowing up planes, trains and automobiles.

My blood started to boil when the dykey, pig-stinking Shami Chakrabati poked her man-hating, anti-western, terrorist loving nose in to the affair.

Well apart from wishing Chami, Barba and Sicko Khan a painful and tortuous death, there is little I can do.

So does anybody actually think it is wrong to bug MP conversations were a muslim terrorist is involved?

Conversations from Mrs Miggins to her MP about the mess in the local park need not be taped. Mrs Miggings is not going to blow up your next tube train or rape your daughter in the name of religion is she?


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In case you haven't seen the story, our beloved muslim brethren refusing to scrub up properly in hospitals, here it is:;jse ssionid=LHRSM0ILRRCNPQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/ news/2008/02/03/nislam403.xml

Unbelievable ? No, par for the course in Britain 2008.

And yes, Shami Chakrabarti is very very tasty but that's where the admiration ends.

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Muslims vrs the IRA Bugging.

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