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slimjim | 10:12 Mon 19th Jul 2004 | News
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So Switch is to become Maestro. We're quite used to name changes these days (Marathon, Jif, Immac, etc) but this one I find disappointing. Switch has become a verb in its own right and should remain. Maestro can't be a verb - it sounds daft.


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Here here. Opal Fruits.
I totally agree but I gather that Maestro is the international version. It does conjure up images of a very bad car, especially the MG one!
Oi, Bendy - I had a Maestro once, and a very lovely car it was too! A beautiful shade of pale metallic green it was, with an equally attractive brown interior. Quality. :-)
Hi flirty. You only had one? I wonder why that was!
Marathon - Snickers etc! And now Solo has become Visa Electron. Solo wasn't accepted everywhere, and Visa Electron may be accepted in more places but doesn't actually work half the time! Bleh!
"Excuse me, do you take Maestro?"


Does anyone over the age of 15 actually call them Starburst? I know no-one who does. In fact the title has quadrupled in size - whenever they're mentioned, 99% of the time, people call them "Opal-Fruits-Or-Whatever-They're-Called-Now".

Also, remember the Jif people told us that they were changing it to Cif because that's how it was everywhere else? Well they were lying. I'm in Germany and it's called Viss.
And Lynx deodorant is called 'Axe' in Spain, so will that be changing. Also Mr Dog changing to Caeser.
And it has daft penguins in the advert
Umm... wasn't 'switch' a verb long before the days of card transactions?
Bendy, I wonder why too. It was, seriously, a lovely little car. I can't think why or what I changed it for now. I know I missed it when it went. (sob sob)
Not to worry, spainlads, Lynx has been called Axe all over Europe for decades and it hasn't affected our name for it yet.
Hear hear! Oil of Olay etc. * Ahem * My wife loves those penguin ads though.
gf99uk: Solo is different to Visa Electron, we take both at work now, but only recently did we start to. Makes my job a bit easier as many people never bothered to ask if we accepted them until I had scanned all 40 of their items. (sorry that's the bitter cashier coming out)
doesnt explain itself much because ive got solo not sure what the changes are to that

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