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colinsvan | 00:31 Tue 20th Jul 2004 | News
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was interested in your views on next election over here - and didn't want to be deeply annoying and sabotage other post - so who would you like to see win? Gordon brown? lib dems? i ask in the spirit of debate - anyone else most welcome to join also


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An interesting question in some respects, since it both highlights what I consider to be defficencies of our electoral system plus a natural dillema of who to vote for in the face of the current situation.
Firstly, I live in Southend West, a very hardcore Tory area. The Lib Dems are the only party with a realistic opportunity to take the seat. In recent years, since Blair, the Labour vote has been better but it's simple decreased the Lib vote without greatly affecting the Tories. Even back when the Labour party was closest to my views (something they can't be said to be now, and it's not me who's changed) it would have been pointless voting for them where I live. So, point one is that for years the objective for people like me was more to get the Tories out than particularly to get the Libs in.
Point two, I don't really feel any of the mainstream parties reflect my point of view. I believe that voting for those over the age of 18 should be made mandatory but that a 'no vote' option should be included; this would show the extent of disenfranchisement.
Point three; the Americans have the right idea in so far as one should be able to vote for ones representatives at a local level apart from the party one chooses to govern the country, otherwise, if you hate your local candidate, you have to vote for them to get your party into power.
In the real world, I imagine I might vote either Green or Lib Dem, depending on how I feel the election as a whole is going. I want Blair out, but don't want the Tories in. It's certainly not ideal!
Not much of a debate if my opinion is allowed to go unchallenged, is it? ;-)
Sorry to be boring, but I completely agree with you on points 2 & 3 - I could almost've written them myself! The political situation is a little different where I live - it was Tory for years but has been Labour for the last decade+. I'll probably vote Green at the next election (I did for the Euros too) simply because I disagree with less of what they say than any of the other parties.
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hah! no, bit **** if person posts a quest and then ******* off... i don't know if i can offer much in the way of 'challenge', as i broadly agree. well i say broadly 1)i do think that labour had to change its stance radically to be elected. there was no way that the electorate were going to accept labour of old after 18 years of neo liberalism 2)I too think tony should go - but i think Gordon Brown should be given a chance - being able to deliver keynesian policy in a globalized economic climate is something to be applauded (imHo) 3) again yes, mandatory voting with no vote option - but I would argue for age 16, to hopefully engage younger people, and as a sneaky aside, keep the tories out. 4)i personally think that tactical voting is not much of a tool if not backed up by a degree of activism in between elections (please, stifle your giggles) 5)I didn't quite understand your comment re american local reps - i think i am being a bit thick today. 6) I live in london, K&C - home of alan clark and Miguel portillo no less- and trying to get that lot out is like 'trying to poke butter up a hedgehogs bum with a hot knitting needle' (i wish that was my saying, but sadly no) i cursorily looked over the lib dems set of manifesto's the other day and was mildly interested - but no, none of the parties as they stand are floating my boat ... how utterly depressing. saffstar - not boring! it seems to be a common affliction for people who want to be involved, care about the country they live in and make a contribution but are faced with rubbish choices.

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