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JHolland | 21:35 Sun 29th Jul 2007 | News
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I find the question being posed in 'Have your say' misleading and offensive:
"A jobless couple have been given an 8-bedroom detached house for nothing and receive �44,000 a year in benefits despite not working for many years (they earn more by not working) � what do you think about the UK's benefit system?"
I don't know the circumstances of this couple, or where the information comes from, but it is not a typical case, and just serves to reinforce peoples' prejudices.
I am a graduate, and a divorcee with 3 children. I am currently unable to work due to ill health. I am living on Incapacity Benefit and Tax Credit, as well as Child Benefit and a small amount of maintenance. I may be entitled to help with mortgage interest payments and council tax - but I filled in the necessary forms nearly 3 months ago, and despite repeated phone calls and visits to the Job Centre Plus, it has yet to be sorted. The forms themselves - and getting to speak to the right people - are a nightmare.
We are not living in luxury - far from it. I am not asking for sympathy - I am no worse off than many people. But please remember that for every person who 'milks' the system, there are very many more who rely on the benefits system to provide for them when they need it. Their stories are not reported in the tabloid press. When I was (and will be again) paying taxes, I would hope that they would be used to provide support for those who need it.


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I think many people on here acknowledged that there is a difference between using welfare as a short stay safety net and using it as a lifestyle choice.
This so called news item from the Daily Mail had already been extensively debated here (See link above). The question as posed is cheap and cynical. Find a very extreme case and then ask what people think about the benefit system as a whole. It is a question bound to appeal to idiots as proved by the over 50% who go for the scroungers option.

I thought vehelpfulguy's counter thread... 6040.html

...very apt, entertaining, clever and witty. Everything that this poll question is not.
Sorry, here is the link when it was first discussed... 5271.html
Question Author
Sorry, I was so annoyed by the question that I forgot to check if it had already been discussed!
I suspected it was the Daily Mail. Why does anyone believe what they read there?
glad to see my more than a grand a month tax is going to a good home,
keep up the good work..........whats that word?
i think i may apply for a lazy loafers porsche tax credit,
i cant afford a porsche, but will get one anyway,
you can all contribute to the cost!
if you can be bothered,
be socially responsible, have what you can afford
in answer to helpmetoo--Circumstances change day by day, your statement is incredibly shortsighted! I hope if you ever need help you will be able to get it!

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