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Driver's phone penalties

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AB Asks | 10:34 Wed 28th Feb 2007 | News
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There are now tougher penalties for drivers caught using hand-held mobile phones. The offending drivers will now not only pay a fixed penalty of �60, but they will also have three points added to their licence instantly. It is hoped that the changes to the penalties will make drivers stop using hand-held phones altogether and aid road safety. What do you think of the new law? Will it stop you from using your phone whilst driving? Do you think it will make the roads safer?


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I don't care, as long as I can still use the CB radio on my pushbike.
There is NO EXCUSE for using a hand held mobile phone while driving.

Recent radio adverts suggest your are 4 times more likely to have an accident while using one.

I think a 1 year ban is the right punishment.

Most people will not care about �60 and 3 points.
It is currently illegal to pull onto the hard shoulder of a motorway to take a call. With this essential draconian law in force why not allow drivers to do pull over.

Many drivers are already protesting their innocence when caught red handed. Surely the truth would show up in their telephone records?
The only problem still is catching people on their phones, on many an occasion i see people on their mobiles, i think its disgraceful.
While watching a programme on tv they did a test in a car sim, the woman had to take a call and drive normally, needless to say her speed fluctuated wildly and in the end she hit a pedestrian, surely that tells all?!
Glad to see that the laws have tightened on this though
I agree with vehelpfulchappy; if you get caught, you get banned for a year.

I can't can't the number of times I've nearly lost a wing because of some dozy tossface driving like they were drunk while on the phone.
This will not make the road safer it will just make people sneakier to try and get away with it. Although it will stop some drivers I don't think it makes much difference.

Using a phone or anything else is not that much of a distraction, certainly no more than tunning in your radio, eating something, girls doing their make-up or chatting to passengers - Are they going to ban those things next? - believe it or not some men can multi-task too

Police are simply a hazard on the road to avoid similar to roundabouts or traffic lights

Slate me if you want but I believe everyone has sped at some point but just not got caught doing it - whats the difference? breaking the law is breaking the law, I just choose to try and get away with it where I can and where I know it is within my capabilities
Waldo - there are a lot of 'dozy tossfaces' out there who would take your wing mirror off whether they are on the phone or not

I think it is wrong to blame them being on the phone for being a bad driver - there are more bad drivers than good ones!!!
The old 'I know my capabilities' argument, eh? And presumably you're also aware of other driver's capabilities too? 'Cause it's the person who pulls out a bit too far, or drives a bit close, or brakes a bit late (or a bit soon) combined with your inability to react properly that will cause an accident.

Using a phone while driving restricts an individual's physical capacity to control their vehicle properly. There may well be lots of idiots who would take my wing mirror off anyway, but what does that have to do with those who have willfully compromised their ability to drive by using a phone?
Yes, I know it's nice to talk - but I cannot understand why people are so taken in by marketing ploys, particularly in the usage of mobile 'phones. A multi-million pound industry, fed by the gullible, clamouring over the latest gadget, which merely enables them to chatter when otherwise they wouldn't need to. Why are mobiles so important - or even a vital accessory? What makes a mobile 'phone a 'must have', 'must use' at all times part of everyday living? They have become a scourge of 21st century life, annoying in many situations; ie theatres, cinemas, doctors' surgeries, hospitals. Some users border on paranoia if they mislay their instrument for even a moment! Have you ever spoken with someone on a mobile, and they ask you to hold while they take another call? So disrespectful. That never happened a few years ago. Yes, there is always the argument that a phone can save a life, but too often we hear of them being responsible for taking a life on our roads. The Government have got it right. It's nice to talk, but not while driving. So hit 'em hard I say.

End of my rant!
My argument is doing anthing whilst driving could restrict your ability - when they ban smoking, drinking, eating, listening to the radio, talking, basically anything except driving then I may accept that the law is fair, until then I am likely to ignore this latest infringement into my human rights

I was accused of using a mobile in my car by the police one time - until I explained that I was running late so was using my electric razor and not a mobile - You cant tell me that there is much difference between the 2 but they couldn't do a thing, so instead they poked around my car trying to find anything they could nab me for - They were very upset when they couldn't find anything

The Police have a job to do and if they catch me doing something wrong I'll take the penalty but until that time I will happily go on my merry way
They should have had you for 'driving without due care and attention'.
I agree with Waldo, you should get a one year ban if caught. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that means you have to take or make a call while driving. If it's that essential then you should pull over somewhere appropriate and do it then. In my experience the people who use mobiles whilst driving are the same kn*bs who don't bother indicating, tailgate and think it's ok to pull out in front of people, you know the "I can do whatever I want and sod everybody else" brigade.
Highway Code 136, point 3

"Keep both hands on the wheel, where possible. This will help you to remain in full control of the vehicle at all times"

It has always been in the Highway Code that you should keep both your hands on the steering wheel, where possible. The selfish idiots who use their phones think this is a right that has been taken away from them. It is not. It has always been against rule 136. Activity, such as using your razor, putting on make-up etc all go against rule 136.
I know I'm going to get slaughered, but here goes...................

Personally I think it is a bit harsh. I'd never answer my phone in town traffic because of gear changes and frequent direction changes, but I do if I am on dual carriageways/motorways/major A roads and the traffic isn't too bad.

This is no more dangerous than changing a radio station, or eating a banana or taking a slurp of water or looking in the rear view and telling your kids to be quiet or stop hitting each other or whatever. The point is answering a phone is no more distracting than any of the above.

If people cannot safely use a phone in the circumstances described in my second, then they are a danger and shouldn't be allowed to drive a car in the first place.

Noisy kids in the back of a car are more of a crash hazard than answering the phone - certainly I get more distracted if my three year old is screaming than I ever would by answering the phone.
Meant to read " second paragrah,......"
-- answer removed --
I love all the sanctimonious people on here who have (of course) never broken any driving law (and have never dreamt of doing 35mpf in a 30 zone).

Or is it just particular laws (which you find convenient) that you want following?

Speaking as someone who has driven HGVs, cars and motorbikes, I can honestly say that a lot of HGV drivers, Car drivers and motorcyclists should not have licences!

Compulsory road tests held every 5 years would be my idea.
I've never used a mobile phone whilst driving and I never will.

I'm not selfish or stupid enough to put other peoples lives in danger.
Is changing radio stations,cds and tapes not just as dangerous,also what about lighting up a ciggie...just as bad surely?
Its all about being ''IN CONTROL'' of your vehicle.

I would give people who used a mobile phone a LIFE BAN, and if they get caught driving whilst banned, LIFE BEHIND BARS. Bit dramatic to i hear, well if you react to this post maybe thats a wake up call to you.

Ps, Remember ''IN CONTROL AT ALL TIMES'' including changing channels on your radio, having a cig, eating etc etc, I've no time for Bad Drivers full stop

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